What if...

What if we could meet fictional characters; what if they could meet us? What if?


1. Chapter 1

Posters, canvases. Merchandise. Dreams and visions. Hopes. Glimmering imaginations when he's next to me...no, not just him; all of them- all seven of them. Eight if you include Usa Chan- but even I'm not sure if he should be included.

Would I be Manga? Would they be real? Would I be real and they be Manga? Would we be at Ouran; or would we be here, at home. On Earth. In the real world. I wonder if I could just walk into a poster and be with them- or if they might wonder through, to me? So many questions I wish could be answered; I think should be answered...but aren't- and can never be. My dreams are wistful. So hopeful. So painful. But that is all they are: dreams.

To some, I am terrifying: autistic; finding interest in nothing then finding something I believe is worth while and studying it- until, I become obsessed. Most say this an unnatural way of being: it is; however it is how I am, and it cannot be changed(now or ever) no matter how hard doctors/ psychiatrists try or for how long... Their feeble attempts to make me normal are truly and utterly pointless- and anyway, we were all made for a reason; we were all made the way we are for something. We are not made for the sake of it- we are made for a purpose! And I am positive, being as unique as I am, mine will be extraordinary!

I yearn to have some sort of a meaning, however, in spite of my hoping, praying, begging, no one else in our village has the same aspiration for me. To them, I am the freak. They would put me up on a display for money if they could- but Marcus won't allow it; I don't see why though- he has never done anything in my favour before, but for some peculiar reason the Doctors son will not let me be man-handled in such a way.

Never the less, at school I have no one to protect me. I attend the Oper Academy High School; the best school in the city- a boarding school. Despite the fees, my Dad still sends me there just to get shot of me: even he doesn't appreciate me! It's sad to think about my existence really, because, to be purely honest, I don't really have much of an existence- of a life! I am just there to be made fun of. That is the reason for me living. Every day: at home, in the village, even at school.

School starts again soon. (We've just had Christmas break which is not long enough for most- but me being me, it is far too long. I don't enjoy spending time with relatives- or anyone for that matter- like the majority of people on Earth do as I am not treated as they are: I am treated like a slave by my parents; a dog/toy by my siblings; as if I am invisible by the elders in the village and I am a freak to the rest of town.) 

Thankfully, if you board at Oper Academy, sharing dorms is forbidden- for learning purposes apparently. This rule is my favourite out of all of the ones at school since it allows me not to have to spend unnecessary time with other human beings that do not understand me or my ways. (And it also allows me to carry out my interests in peace- and lets me dream without being selfconscience of blushing at the thought of my fictional sweetheart Tamaki-senpai... And Honny and the rest of the club, obviously.)








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