Fang's run off on his own, but danger lurks in every corner for a bird that has abandoned it's flock.


3. Epilogue

We has been searching for hours. There was no sign of Fang anywhere, I glanced over toward Angel who had been trying to see if she could pick up on Fang's thoughts all day. Her blonde hair was sparkling in the sunlight, she stopped abruptly and screamed for us to stop. "He's in a clearing, with a weird man who's pointing a gun at him. He's kicking off."


I didn't hear the rest because I was scanning the sky and I saw Fang, he was flying upward and he just started to drop, falling headfirst from some unseen force. My speed kicked in and I raced toward him and knocked him off of his straight drop but just sent him hurtling to the side. I quickly darted after him but I wasn't fast enough, I heard a crack rattle through my skull as he hit the ground. The scream of total agony that followed would haunt me for the rest of my life. Fang, strong and silent screaming in pain when he didn't usually make a sound.


When I finally landed I ran to where he was writhing and screaming on the ground. His beautiful black wing was clearly broken and his pain was clear. I was quick to push his shoulders back down into the dirt to stop his writhing and he eventually ran out of breath and opened his dark eyes and looked me squarely in mine. Gun shots rang out soaring above us, Fang lifted his wings to shield us both but he was at the point of agony where he wasn't going to remain conscious for much longer.


A black feather floated down onto his forehead and I tensed with alarm, his feathers where falling off. He looked up at me with a small smile and said one thing. "Go..." Then his body slackened, his wings splayed out behind him and his dark eyes glazed over with death. I didn't even bother to fight the tears as they flowed relentlessly from my eyes. I heard the rest of the flock land a few metres away. 'Is he?' Angel asked in my head.


"Yes." I replied as another surge of tears fell from my eyes. Angel screamed and I heard light footsteps behind me, Iggy. "Max, what's happening?" he asked softly. I didn't know how to tell Iggy that Fang was dead apart from the cold truth. "He's dead." I stated sadly. He stood in place unsure of what to do next. Nudge's wails echoed through the air as I reached out my hand and gently closing Fang's lifeless eyes with my fingertips and crawled off of him.

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