Fang's run off on his own, but danger lurks in every corner for a bird that has abandoned it's flock.


2. Chapter One

I felt the last rays of sunlight graze my outstretched black wings as I watched the sun sink below the horizon. I looked around the small cave on the hillside, my current resting place. I haven't any destination in mind, just the urge to go back to Max and the rest of the flock. Yet I equally just want to be alone for the rest of my time. The irrational longing to be alone is why I'm accompanied only by my thoughts. I pushed myself up out of my sitting position and walked to the dark and dreary end of the small isolated cave. I couldn't start a fire for fear of the flock potentially looking for me, "It's going to be a long night," I muttered to myself as I lay myself down upon the cool hard surface of the cave floor.


"Fang, what's wrong with you lately? You're not talking at all - which is only slightly less than usual - but you're excluding yourself from everything and hiding from everyone.” Max had persisted, I had no answer that would be deemed valid in her eyes. “It’s nothing, Max.” I replied, averting my eyes.

“Nothing? You’ve got to be the most ignorant bastard if you think that you’ll get away with a ‘it’s nothing’,” she stated with that extremely familiar angered look in her eyes. I leaned back onto the tree taking a fit gasp of air before looking to Max. Her fists were clenched, light grey wings outstretched through the slits in the back of her tank top glistening in the midday sun. “Just, leave that at that.” I hissed through my teeth. I unfolded my black wings and shifted my right foot back, preparing to take to the skies.

“Fang…” Max said in a tone that I’d never heard come from her. It sounded almost like terror. I gave her an apologetic look and kicked off the ground gradually flapping my wings until I was out of the trees and into the sky.

I let the breeze brush my face and ruffle my feathers. "Fang!" Max bellowed, I turned to see her in the air her grey wings beating. "What are you planning on doing?" She persisted.

"I just, I just need to be alone for a while." I said simply. She looked at me with the most sorrowful look glistening in her eyes. It felt as if my limbs were being severed...


I woke with a scream. I was sweating and my pulse was racing. "So this is what true loneliness feels like..." I thought. The sun has surfaced and cast light into the cave. It's always best to keep moving if you're trying to stay hidden. I  collected up my thoughts and walked out to the ledge at the entrance to the cave a stretched my wings out and slowly started flapping, maybe a ground level hide out would be good for today at least. I found myself a small clearing surrounded by trees a good distance away from my previous hideout. Then he stepped out of the shadows. Brown hair swept to the side and golden eyes glistening in the sun, a shiver ran up my spine just from looking at him. 


"Fang, it's been too long. How's Max and the rest of your little flock?" He asked is a taunting voice.

"They're not with me." I stated.

"Too bad, you'll be all alone when you die. You should have known you'd never survive without your flock," he said as he pulled a gun on me, aimed at my chest. My wings were still out, I took my chance and kicked myself off into the sky a flew up as fast as I could but only then did I see with my hawk vision the sniper on the hill. I turned to fly away.


I felt the bullet pierce the skin between my shoulder blades, my wings went limp and I hurtled towards the ground at full speed wings outstretched being pulled by the force of the fall. The ground was racing up to meet me I only hoped that it wouldn't hurt for too long and that I'd die fast. I closed my eyes and braced myself for the impact, something knocked into my side with intense speed sending me hurtling in another direction but still for the ground. I hit the ground, I heard a deafening crunch and the pain shot through me like a lightning bolt and I allowed myself to scream.


I was writhing on the ground in agony when I felt two hands place on both of my shoulders pinning me down. I eventually ran out of breath and opened my eyes, Max was the one holding me in place, more gunshots rang out and I lifted my wings to cover her and to accompany the excruciating pain was the fact that my left wing was hanging limp from a point. At that moment my black feathers started to fall out  and fluttered towards the ground and a few were landing on Max and I.


"Go." I whispered to Max before darkness took over my vision and I felt everything just relax.

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