IMessage (Luke Hemmings)

Unknown Number: Hey Sky!!

Me: Who is Sky??

1st Book In The Social Media Series


10. Chapter 9


"I am on my way pack some things you are staying over my house for a couple of nights" He said i hear some shuffling and a car starting in the background and heard a muffled I will be there soon pack and then hung up i pressed end and tried to get up. Once i finally got up i picked out some clothes and my charger my laptop and all my make-up and brush and stuffed it into a suitcase because i dont care i am not coming back to this place. i heard the door open downstairs i got scared cause i didnt know if it was my brother or mikey so i hid under my bed soon my door was opened that revealed 



Maddie's Pov


I hid under my bed soon as my door was opened that revealed Michael Black Vans i was thankful it wasnt my brother that wouldve been good 

"Maddie where are you" Michael said 

"Under here" I said getting from under the bed it took me a minute because i was still sore

"Lets go before he comes back" Michael said grabbing my suitcase and my hand as we walked downstairs just as we got down the stairs the front door opened to reveal my brother he looks pissed i suddenly got scared and gripped Michaels hand harder than i was before

"Where the fuck do you think you are going Maddie" My brother slurred i could tell he was drunk

"Leaving your sorry ass" I said surprised with the sudden confidence i had 

"No the fuck you arent" He said walking over to me an grabbing my wrist and pulling me hard making me fall onto the ground

"What the fuck leave her the fuck alone" Michael said walking to me

"Who the fuck are you" My brother said gripping Michaels shirt from behind and pulling him up to his height

"I will give you 5 seconds (A/N: Of Summer sorry i had to continue reading) to let me go or you will regret it" Michael said getting really pissed and his eyes started turning a different shade of green and that isnt a good sign at all

"What are you going to do about it wannabe will smith" My brother said next thing i knew Michael is punching my brother and is on the ground with a bloody nose and a bloody lip 

"STOP MICHAEL I THINK HE HAD ENOUGH" I yelled as Michael stopped punching and took his phone out and called 911 after that he grabbed my suitcase again and my hand and took me out to the car. The whole car ride to Michaels house was silent.


Author's Note: Sorry for the short chapter i will try to update soon i am about to go to bed and one question

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