IMessage (Luke Hemmings)

Unknown Number: Hey Sky!!

Me: Who is Sky??

1st Book In The Social Media Series


9. Chapter 8

Maddie's Pov

3 days after Luke asked me to be his girlfriend he had to go back on tour i admit spending time with him was awesome because he made me forget all the things that are going on in my life, right now i am in my bedroom texting Luke he is about to go on for a show in California 

Luke: Babe i have to go on i will text you when we get off i promise

Me: Okay have fun x


Me: xxxxxxxooooooo

i put my phone down after that i sit on my bed and think about everything that happened since i have met/talk to Luke for the first time i noticed that he makes me happy and i realized that i have been more happy then sad since that first text he is so sweet

"MADELYN GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW" My older brother yelled i groaned getting up and heading downstairs 

"Yes" I said sweetly as possible 

"YOU FORGOT TO DO YOUR FUCKING CHORES TODAY" He yelled there was really no reason to yell i was right in front of him not across the street

"Sorry i was sick today" I said which was half true i was on my period and i have cramps and a runny nose and a fever every now and then 

"THAT ISNT A EXCUSE" He said slapping me in the face i put my hand up to were he slapped and held it there it stings really bad i start to feel something wet on my cheek it was tears i was crying shit 

"YOU KNOW WHAT I HAD IT WITH YOUR SHIT YOU ARE A LAZY ASS TEENAGED GIRL YOU NEVER DO ANYTHING I TELL YOU" He yelled again but instead of slapping me he pushed me and i fell then he started to kick me in my side and stomach and let me tell you what it didnt feel pleasant of what came out i tell you what after he was finished he grabbed my arm and dragged me up the stairs and into my room and left he just left me on the floor basically lifeless i heard a door slam downstairs i guess he left. My brother was never like this but when our parents died thats when he started to abuse me and its been happening for 3 yrs straight he would get angry at me for no reason if i didnt do what i was suppose to do i got that but he was just easy on me today i usually get worse but my brother doesnt rape me or anything he just abuses me.

After about 20 minutes of just laying there on my bedroom floor i am able to get up to reach my phone but it still hurts a lot i scroll through my contacts and press Michael and call him a few seconds later he answers 

"Hello" Michael said 

"Michael.....He-help.....M-Me-" Was all i was able to say before he interrupted me and said 

"I am on my way pack some things you are staying over my house for a couple of nights" He said i hear some shuffling and a car starting in the background and heard a muffled I will be there soon pack and then hung up i pressed end and tried to get up. Once i finally got up i picked out some clothes and my charger my laptop and all my make-up and brush and stuffed it into a suitcase because i dont care i am not coming back to this place. i heard the door open downstairs i got scared cause i didnt know if it was my brother or mikey so i hid under my bed soon my door was opened that revealed 



Author's Note: i Hope you guys like this chapter sorry it is crappy i am sick and not focusing really well thats what took so long i have been watching 5SOS music videos so again sorry 

Question: Who do you think is in her room?

Comment i love seeing comments because it helps me update faster and it makes me smile.

Michael in here is not Michael Clifford it is Dylan O'Brian (I dont understand why people think he is cute i dont think he is but thats just me sorry dont hate plz)

🙊Suspenders_Bows xo🙊


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