IMessage (Luke Hemmings)

Unknown Number: Hey Sky!!

Me: Who is Sky??

1st Book In The Social Media Series


8. Chapter 7

~~Maddie's Pov

"So where are we going" I said

"I was thinking we could go to a café to eat or whatever and then going to the park and if you want we could head back to my house" Luke said as he continued to drive

"Fine with me" I said

"Cool" Luke said

~At The Café~

"Table for two please" Luke said flashing his beautiful smile god what this boy does to me

"Follow me" The waiter said we follow the waiter to the table

"I will be right back to take your orders" She said handing us the menus

"Thank you" I said

"Your welcome" She said leaving I looked at the menu I only see French toast with orange juice and some eggs that I like on here so I am just going to get that

"You know what you are getting?" I asked Luke

"I don't know I might get the French toast and orange juice with some eggs because I don't like anything else on here" He said

"Funny I am getting the same thing" I said we both laughed but then got shushed by some old couple that were right behind me we laughed even more but tried to be a little bit more quieter about it

"Are you guys ready to order" The waiter said coming back over to us

"Yes we would like the French Toast with a glass of orange juice don't Eggs come with the French Toast" Luke said/asked

"Yes they do so both of you want that" She said

"Yes please thank you" I said

"Okay and your welcome I will be right back with your food in a minute" she said leaving our table me and Luke just sat there talking about how school is going for me and how tour is with him by the time he was done talking about tour our food came we eat and leave we head to the park

~1 Hour And Half At The Park~

We started playing tag after being here a hour and half I tagged Luke now he is trying to get me but I am to fast for him after a while I started getting tried of running yah I have been running around for about 2 minute his slow ass didn't catch me yet but I kept on running I started getting tired of running but I tried to keep going but failed I ended up tripping over a rock stupid rock but I needed the rest all of the sudden I feel something heavy on me I opened my eyes to see Luke fell over the rock to I started laughing I look back up at him and I get lost in his blue eyes they are so blue how is physically possible for someone to have such blue eyes I must have been to into Lukes eye to even realize that he was leaning in I don't know what to do do I want to kiss him of course I do but I don't wanna ruin our friendship my thoughts were cut off when I felt Lukes soft lips against mine I couldn't help it but I kissed him back it got pretty heated till we needed air

"Wow that was" Luke said

"Amazing" I finished for him Luke got off of me because we were still in public

"Maddie I have to ask you something" He said getting down on one knee digging into his pocket for something omg he isn't asking me to marry him is he I am not ready we just met yesterday omg omg omg

"Before you jump to conclusions I am not asking for you to marry me because I saw the fright in your eyes I promise" He said chuckling as I did to

"Well I like you since the day I accidently texted you but I am glad I did because you are the most beautiful and wonderful girl I have ever met but what I am trying to say is Maddie will you be my girlfriend" He says pulling out a ring pop wtf this is weird but cute he is so cute I cant

"Yes Luke I will be your girlfriend" I said as he got up I jumped onto him and wrapped my arms around his neck he put his hands right below my butt to keep me from falling after that I kissed him it wasn't like the last one it was more passionate and I loved every second of it after we pulled away Luke set me down on my feet we intertwined our hands together and walked back to the car and I guess heading to his house of the 5SOS house this was the best day ever.


Author's Note: No I am not dead sorry for not updating 12 days I just started school like a week ago and I have homework to do after this so I will try to update again next Wednesday sorry for the short chapter and check out my new story Omegle I will also try to update that after my homework and I have 2 quizzes tomorrow ugh kill me now love you lots have a good day/night

😇Suspenders_Bows xox😇

Gonna need some good luck for them quizzes haha they are math and social studies PEACE!!!


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