IMessage (Luke Hemmings)

Unknown Number: Hey Sky!!

Me: Who is Sky??

1st Book In The Social Media Series


7. Chapter 6

~~Maddie's Pov

I woke up the next morning feeling so lazy I get up and check my phone I had 5 texts from Luke


Luke:Are You awake??

Luke: I am guessing you are still sleeping

Luke: Did you have fun last night??

Luke: Facetime me when you get these messages

I got off the floor that I was sleeping on yah I slept on the floor because it is comfortable I tip toe out of Ash's room so I don't wake her up. Once I get out of Ash's room I walk downstairs to find no one awake well what time is it so I decided to check it was 7am what was Luke doing up at hold up let me check 5am when I got into the kitchen I sat down at the table and decided to facetime Luke because I saw his messages I don't even bother to fix my hair and myself because Luke has seen me worse I know what you are thinking why would you let him see you like that well see I was having a panic attack in the middle of the night and I texted Luke and he told me to facetime him so he could calm me down so I did and I really didn't care how I look so yah I hit the camera button next to his contact and waited for him to answer. He finally answered

"Hey I see you got my messages" Luke said

"Yes I did and why did you text me at 5am" I said

"Well I woke up and I couldn't fall back asleep but I forgot that you were probably sleeping" He said

"Oh so whats up" I said

"nothing I just wanted to see if you wanted to hang out today because we are only in town for 2 more days than we head off to the next stop" He said

"I would love to what time are you coming to pick me up" I said

"If it alright with you 9" He said

"Okay see you then" I said

"Okay bye Maddie see you later and make sure to bring a bathing suit" He said

"Okay Lucas" I said hanging up

Well I have to leave a note for Ash telling her why I left so I go upstairs grab a piece of paper and a pen and I start to write

Dear Ash,

I left to go home I didn't want to wake you up because it was 7am when I left I will explain when I get back from my day with Luke everything that happened

Love you Maddie xxi

I set the note under her phone so she would read it I grab my belongings and headed home.

~At Home~

When I got home I quietly went up to my room when I got there I put my dirty clothes into my hamper I walked over to my closet and picked out my outfit

(Picture up there because I don't know how to explain that outfit)

Once I picked out my outfit I decided to jump into the shower

(Skipping that because nobody wants to read that and we all knows what happens in the shower and what we do)

Once I got out the shower I wrapped the towel around me and walked back to my room when I got there I put my clothes on after that I walk back to the bathroom and do my hair and make-u. When I am done doing my hair and make-up I got back to my room and check my phone to see what time it is its 8:54am I put my phone down as soon as I do I get a text I pick my phone back up to see that I got a text from Luke

Luke: I am outside your house xx

Me:Okay be right there

After I sent that I grabbed my purse and keys and headed downstairs when I get to the kitchen I grab one of my s'mores starbucks coffee and head out the door I walk over to where Luke's Car is I get in

"Hey you ready to go" Luke said

"Yes lets go" I said


Author's Note: Sorry for the short chapter I will try to update soon I am just having a little bit of trouble right now I have to start a new school tomorrow and I am really really nervous because I don't know anyone there and everything like that.

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