IMessage (Luke Hemmings)

Unknown Number: Hey Sky!!

Me: Who is Sky??

1st Book In The Social Media Series


6. Chapter 5

~~Maddie's Pov

I was getting ready for the concert that is going to be happening in about 4 hours with Ash I am wearing

Maddie's Outfit:
-A Grey T-Shirt
-Black Skinny Jeans
-Plaid flannel that wraps around my waist
-Black converses 

I jumped into the shower. After I got out the shower I headed back to my room to put on my clothes than I head back to the bathroom to put on my make-up and to do my hair. I put my hair into a high ponytail and curled it and for my make-up I only did my mascara and eyeliner because I don't like eye shadow because I really don't know why I don't like it. After I am done getting ready for the concert I text Ash

To: Ash😝
Are you ready?


Ok I am on my way

Ok I will be on my pouch waiting for you

I didn't bother texting her back I grabbed my phone and the tickets and keys.

~At Ash's House~

"Get in loser we are going to a concert" I yelled

"I'm coming calm your tits chick" She yelled back coming towards the car when she gets in I drive to the arena

~At The Arena~

We both get out the car and walk towards the arena never mind not walking skipping.

"Lets go find our seats the show starts in about 2 minutes so we better get going or else we will miss it" I said

"Lets Go" She said all excited

(I have Never been to a concert so I don't know what it is like so correct me if I am wrong don't be afraid it won't hurt my feelings)

When we got to our seats

The show is about to start because the lights started to dim everyone was silent until Ashton came out then people started screaming and I cant lie I was screaming like crazy then after that Michael than Calum lastly Luke I was staring right at Luke for a little bit he looked exactly like the boy I am talking to OMG what if I am talking to Luke Hemmings no that cant be why would he wanna talk to me what if he is I was rude to him at first and if he is than how was I so clueless but they played theses songs:

-Heartbreak Girl
-She Looks so perfect
-Permanent Vacation
-Social Casualty
-Out Of My Limit
-Voodoo Doll
-Try Hard
-Wherever You Are
-Close As Strangers
-Fly Away
-She's Kinda Hot

In between them they kinda talk for a little bit (2 Minutes) it was the best experience ever I loved ever second of it. Everyone started to leave and Ash and I don't know where to go

"Excuse me I don't know where to go for the backstage thingy" I said showing him our backstage passes

"Just go up these stairs and walk down this hall then turn right and you should see the rest of the band with a couple other girls" The security guard said pointing as he was explaining where we should go

"Thank you" I said grabbed Ash's wrist basically dragging her with me

"Stop dragging me Maddie" Ash said wriggling out of my grasp

"Sorry I just wanna see if Luke was the one I have been texting because he looks like him a lot" I said

"Wait you have been texting a boy and you did tell me" Ash said stopping

"Yes I am sorry for not telling you" I said stopping to

"Let me see the picture he sent you" Ash said

"OK" I said getting out my phone and unlocking it I got to me and Luke's texts and scroll up and scroll up and I kept on scrolling

"Damn girl how much do you two text" Ash said

"Well we have been talking for 2 weeks or something like that and we basically text everyday for at least 1 hour or more" I said

"Here it is" I said showing her the picture but he only sent half of his face

"I don't think it is him but lets go see" Ash said now grabbing my wrist and basically dragging me

We followed the security guard instructions. When we got there the guard was right there were a couple other fans me and Ash just stayed right where we were because we didn't want to crowd them even more than they are right now. When all the girls are gone we decided that we should go up to them now

"Hello guys" I said really awkward why am I so damn awkward

"Hey girls can we help you with something" Ashton said

"Yes" Ash said showing them our backstage passes


"Do you girls want picture" Ashton said

"Sure" I said being even more awkward


"Oh stfu Ashton we are coming" Michael said as Ash giggles

"Wtf are you doing Ash why did you giggle you never giggle" I asked her but I whispered in her ear so no one would hear me

"I don't know its Mikey he is just so damn cute" Ash whispered back into my ear as I just couldn't help it I burst into laughter

"What is so funny" Michael said coming out of the room he was just in along with the other 2 boys

"Nothing" Ash and I said at the same time

"Woah that was creepy please don't do that again" Calum said

"Ok" Me and her said again together

"Now its just creepy" Luke said soon as he said that I pulled out my phone and went back to the picture and tapped it and tried to hold it up next to Luke's face without it looking weird what am I saying it is weird

"What are you doing" Luke said

Oh nothing just seeing if you are the person I have been texting for the past 2 weeks

"Nothing I am texting my mom cause she asked what time we were going to be home" I said

"Oh ok" He said omg I almost got caught but it does look like him I know I will text him if his phone goes off than it is him

To: Lucas The Penguin

Hey I am at the concert just thought I would let you know

Just as I sent the text Luke's Phone went off it is him OMG I have been texting Luke Hemmings this whole time how can I be so clueless well I am about to tell him I know it is him before I can do it I get a text back from Luke

From: Lucas The Penguin

Hey how is it going. Are you having fun?

Oh he wants to play that game I will make him confess right now so I don't have to do it

To: Lucas The Penguin

Nope I am not having fun Luke is being a total asshole to me

I texted back smirking to myself but I guess Ash noticed

"Why are you smirking" She whispered into my ear

"You'll see" I said as Luke's phone buzzes again you can see he is getting a little bit angry

"I am not being a asshole to you I didn't even talk to you" Luke said getting even more angry now

"Luke watch your language" Ashton said

"Stfu Ashton I don't care right now" Luke said

"Why didn't you tell me that I was texting you" I said

"Because I didn't want you to use me" He said

"Well I wasn't we aren't even dating so I don't understand how I was going to use you anyways" I said

"I don't know why I didn't tell you I'm sorry Maddie" Luke said calming down

"Its alright I still don't know why you wouldn't tell me" I said

"I don't know why I didn't tell you again I am sorry do you forgive me" He said coming over to me

"Yes I forgive you Lucas" I said

"That's not my name how many times do I have to tell you that" He said opening his arms for me to hug him I got over to him and hug him and whisper

"A billion" I whisper into his ear

"I will later" He said chucking damn his chuckle is so cute

When we pull apart and we just start into each others eyes his eyes are so blue

"I am so glad that you came" He whispered then he started leaning in omg he is going to kiss me

"Excuse me we are still here if you haven't noticed" Ashton said as we pull apart

Way to ruin the damn moment Ashton I was so close into having my first kiss and yes I am 18 and I haven't had my first kiss yet kill me now I only had one boyfriend and that was kid in 7th grade his name was Ryan and we dated for 1 week and than he broke up with me for my best friend or should I say Ex best friend but it is cool now I have Ash instead.

"Well it was lovely meeting all of you but we have to get home" I said grabbing Ash from Michael

"Wait you didn't get your picture or your guys autograph" Ashton said

"Right" I said we took our photo and they signed our cases on our phone

"Bye Lucas I will text you later" I said

"Ok bye Maddie" He said hugging me one last time

"It was lovely to meet you Maddie" He said

"It was awesome to meet you Lucas" I said as we pull away from our hug

"See you boys" I said

"Bye girls" They all said they were right it is creepy

~At Ash's House~

"Today was a awesome day" I said

"Yes guess what" Ash said

"What" I said

"I got Michaels number" Ash said

"Yay" I said

"We should  a movie night" Ash said

"Yes we haven't had one of those in a while" I said

"Lets do it you have pj's" Ash asked

"Nope" I said

"You can borrow mine" Ash said handing me a pair of shorts and a t-shirt

"Thank you" I said walking to the bathroom and changing when I get done changing my clothes I go back to Ash's room

"Lets get this movie night started" Ash said

"Yass" I said

That's how we spent the rest of the night!


Author's Note: Since people wanted me to update this book I did hope you like it comment if you do follow me on instagram if you want my name is @Suspenders_Bowss comment on one of my post and say that you are reading my book and I will follow back because I don't follow random people. Hope you like it this is almost 2K words

♥Suspenders_Bows xox♥

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