IMessage (Luke Hemmings)

Unknown Number: Hey Sky!!

Me: Who is Sky??

1st Book In The Social Media Series


4. Chapter 3

~~Maddie's Pov
Ugh I so do not wanna go to school today but on the bright side today was Friday finally I hate going to school but also I hate being at home. I turn off my alarm and get out of bed, I head towards the bathroom when I enter I looked at my reflection I look like a fucking monster that just woke up from the dead. I jumped in the shower and washed up when I was finished I got out and wrapped the towel around my body and headed out the hot and steamy bathroom and over to my closet where I picked out my outfit

((The photo above in case you didn't see it))

Maddie's Outfit
-Grey sweater with the words 'Punk' in white lettering
-Ripped blue jeans
-Black clear lens glasses
-Baby Blue Converses
-Straightened Blue hair

After I was done getting ready I grab my bag with my textbooks in it along with her sliver IPhone 5s and with that I went downstairs to see my dad passed out with a beer bottle in his hand on the couch as usual my mom isn't home so I bet she is at some guys house she either met at the bar or saw on the street, I tried really hard not to wake up my dad because if I do I am gonna be in deep shit so I just grab a apple and a bottle of water and head out the door I made sure I had my key before I left too I locked the door and walked to school. When I arrived at school I saw my best friend Michael and my other friends Megan is just my friends we met early senior year but me and Michael and Ash have been friends since 5th grade I believe it was either 4th or 5th grade but we have know each other for a while now.

"Hey guys how are you this morning" I said trying to act cheery but really I am tried as fuck

"Good how are you?" Michael asked me

"Eh had my better mornings" I said I gave him I look saying 'I will tell you later'

"Oh well that's good but I have to run to class or I will get detention again" Megan said

"Yah I should be going to you know how Mrs.Malony is" Ash said

"Yah she's a bitch" Michael said

"Tell me something I don't know" I said

"See you later at lunch normal spots" Ash said

"Yah see you there" I said with that Ash was off to class

"You have some explaining to do now missy why were you hear for the past 2 days" Michael said

"Fine I know I can't lie to you but I have been really tried lately and I just slept through my alarm" I said telling him half of the truth

"And why haven't you been sleeping" He said

"Because I have a lot of things on my mind" I lied

"Ok now tell me the truth I know when you are lying Madelyn I want the truth and I want it now" He said
Yes my name is Madelyn I just don't like it so I have people call me Maddie I like that better

"Demanding much" I said

"Yes actually now spill it" He said

"Fine I was up talking to this boy named Luke till like 3a.m then I couldn't fall asleep because I was scared that HE would come back into my dreams" I said telling him the truth truth this time

"Ok I believe you and how do you know this boy" He said

"I don't really know him he texted the wrong number because him and his girl were talking on Twitter and gave him the wrong number but it was mine so we started to talk and he is pretty cool you would like him" I explained

"Oh watch out for him Mads I don't want you getting big hurt for all you now he could be a 50 yes rapist or something like that" He said

"Don't worry he sent me a picture and the day we started talking it was his 19th birthday so he is my age and he isn't a rapist I already asked him that" I said

"Ok hey what do you say we ditch class and head over for some pizza then we can go get ice cream" Michael said

"Fine" I said

"Let's go" He said

~At the Pizza Place~

"What kind of pizza do you want" Michael said

"Cheese" I said

"Lame ass you are so plain" Michael said

"Sorry" I said as he left to order the pizza

I checked my phone to see I had a text from Luke

Luke: Hey Babe what are you doin?😘

Me: First off don't call me babe and second out with my friend

Luke: aren't you supposed to be in school and what friend?

Me: I am but I ditched I didn't wanna go and does it matter but his name is Michael

Luke: oh it is a guy😔

Me: Calm your tits he's just a friend

Luke: oh sorry now I feel embarrassed but anyways I have to go Ashton and Calum are waiting for me at the park text you later

Me: ok see you later 😘😃

Luke: You know you wanna kiss these lips 😘😘😘

Me: I rather pass on that one go to your friends before they ditch you talk to you later

Luke: Bye again

I didn't reply texting back because Michael was coming back when he got here with the pizza I grabbed two pieces and started to eat them

"So why were you smiling over here" Michael asked

"I have no idea what you are talking about" I said

"Oh come on I saw you" he said

"Nothing" I said

"Was it that boy that has been texting you" he said

"Maybe" I said blushing as I looked down

"Oh you have a crush" He said

"Shut up and eat your pizza" I said eating my pizza

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