IMessage (Luke Hemmings)

Unknown Number: Hey Sky!!

Me: Who is Sky??

1st Book In The Social Media Series


18. Chapter 15

Luke's Pov (Surprise Bitch)

-Clothes (Check)
-Shoes (Check)
-Toothbrush (Check)
-Socks (Check)
-Boxers (Check)
-Hair Gel (Check)
-Hair Brush (Check)
-Deodorant (Check)
-Maddie's Birthday Gift (Check)

I finished my check list for tomorrow morning. I am flying from Australia to Pennsylvania so i could surprise Maddie for her birthday. I guess i should go to bed because i have to get up at 4 am to get on the plane.


i woke up to my alarm going off meaning it is 3:30 am. i get up and grab my suitcases and put them in the car, after i am done i head back to the kitchen and make a bagel to eat because i am going to be on that plane for 16 hours (A/N: it is really 23 hours but for the story it will be 16). After i am done eating my breakfast i leave a note for the boys they know i'm leaving but i can't physically say goodbye to them minds well leave them a note

Dear Boys,

As you know i went to America to surprise Maddie for her birthday, i will only be there for 1 week so don't do anything stupid

Love you, Luke

P.S. I love you more Michael xo

i set the note on the fridge because they are most likely going to find it there. When i get on the plane i set all my belongings down and get comfortable in my seat

"Ladies and gentlemen we will be taking off in about 2 minutes so i will ask you to buckle your seat belts and turn off every electronic please and thank you have a great flight" The flight attendant said i turned off my phone. When we were up into the air the flight attendant said that we could unbuckle our seat belts and turn our electronics back on, I opened up my laptop and watch The Maze Runner.


When I finished watching Star Wars (Not the new one) it was 9am in Sydney so it's like. 7pm in Pennsylvania.

"30 minutes till we land in Erie,PA" the flight attendant said in the microphone up front she came walking down the aisle and over to me

"Do you need anything" she said bending down slightly I could tell that she was trying to show her boobs to me but I didn't look my mum wouldn't want me to and neither would Maddie

"Nope I am all good now can you please get your boobs out my face. Thank you" I said turning on my phone and focusing on that then her

"Whatever" the flight attendant mumbled getting up and walking away


"I would ask that everyone would put in there seat belts and turn off their electronics till we land please and thank you" the flight attendant said again into the microphone thingy

I am now on my way to Maddie's house now it is currently 7am so she should be sleeping right now so i can sneak into her house without her noticing me


Me: Hey let me in i'm here

Michael (Mad's Friend): Coming

When i got the message Michael was opening up the door to let me in

"Hey man she is upstairs sleeping" Michael said 

"Thanks" i said taking off my shoes and heading upstairs 

I open up Maddie's door to see her sound asleep i set down my bags and walk over towards her bed i slowly open the covers and slip in, i wrap my arms around her waist and start to fall asleep.


I start to wake when i do i see Maddie still sleeping i grab my phone and see it is 10pm i slept for almost 3 hours. Maddie starts to stir awake when she opens her eyes she doesn't see me at first but when she does she sees that i'm here

"LUKE" Maddie screeches

"Hey baby happy birthday" i said pulling her into a hug

"i'm so happy you are here" she said smiling

"Me too" I said kissing her 


Author's Note: I know this chapter is short af i will try to have it longer next time.




i will try to update tomorrow 



What are some of your favorite 5SOS books on Wattpad?


Girls by Britishbums or Hero by Britishbums or She's The Man by Britishbums 

(Sorry Britishbums is my favorite author lmao)

-Suspenders_Bows xo

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