IMessage (Luke Hemmings)

Unknown Number: Hey Sky!!

Me: Who is Sky??

1st Book In The Social Media Series


16. Chapter 14

Me: Luke

Luke: hey babe

Me: guess what

Luke: what?

Me: guess

Luke: I am horrible at guessing just tell me

Me: your a party popper

Luke: :-(

Me: anyways i got a tattoo

Luke: let me see

Me: *Image* (Picture above)

Luke: I like it but what does it stand for?

Me: idk

Luke: how don't you know why you got the tattoo.

Me: if I figure out I will let you know

Luke: okay guess what

Me: what

Luke: Ashton has been talking to this girl on kik

Me: aw are they together or not?

Luke: idk but I don't think they are because they just started talking I think lol

Me: do you know her name?

Luke: nope he wouldn't tell us anything

Me: :-(

Luke: :-)

Me: Give me Ashton's number

Luke: no

Me: why 
(A/N:me and my mom just had this convo about having pizza for dinner she said no I said why lol okay this is lame continue reading)

Luke: because I don't want you talking to him

Me: why

Me: Are you jealous or something?

Luke: No

Me: because I am yours and only your babe just remember that ;-)

Luke: I know

Me: okay can I have Ashton's number then

Luke: Nope

Me: why???

Luke: because but I have to go babe about to go help my mum with something

Me: you aren't even in Australia

Luke: I have to help Mikey with something sorry it autocorrected

Me: okay

Luke: bye beautiful

Maddie knew something was up she knew that Luke wasn't helping Mikey and she planned on finding out what he was hiding

Author's Note: hey guys I decided to whip up a chapter I hope you guys enjoy this chapter

Question: do you guys like the new name for the book or should I change it back?

I am getting that tattooed on my ankle.

😊Suspenders_Bows xo😊


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