IMessage (Luke Hemmings)

Unknown Number: Hey Sky!!

Me: Who is Sky??

1st Book In The Social Media Series


15. Chapter 13

Maddie's Pov
When I woke up the next morning I checked my phone to see I had 7 messages from Luke once I am done reading them I text back

Me: Aww Luke your so damn cute facetiming you in a minute

I got out of my bed and headed downstairs to grab the box of fruit loops and headed back upstairs I loved fruit loops but I don't like them with the milk don't judge (A/N: i actually do this sometimes I am weird I know continue) when I get back upstairs I grabbed my phone and pressed Luke's contact and then pressed the record button but it was the facetiming button.

After a few seconds of waiting Luke's face popped up he looked like he just woke up omg I looked at my clock it is 7am here but it is 2am over where he is

"I am so sorry I didn't know you were sleeping" I said

"It's fine I just fell asleep anyways" he said in this sexy ass morning voice but under that I could tell he was lying

"I know you're lying how about I call you later when you wake up" I said waiting him to get more sleeping

"It's fine really" he said slowly starting to wake up I honestly feel back now

"I loved your text you sent me it made me cry" I said honestly I did cry no one has ever said anything like that before well except Michael but he doesn't count

"Well everything that I sent you is true all of it you are beautiful Maddie even when you first wake up you still manage to be beautiful and gorgeous" he said sitting up and setting his head up in the headboard

"And you still manage to stay sexy as hell at 2am" I blurted out as soon as it left my mouth I covered my mouth as I feel my cheek start to get red I face my lap why did I just say that shit I messed up I looked up to see looks reaction to what I said he was just sitting there wide eyed with his mouth open a little

"I am sor-I got interrupted by Luke

"It's alright you spoke your mind and so did I" he said trying to be completely calm about this I yawned why did I wake up this early I might not go to school today

"Tired?" He said yawning as well

"Yes we should both go back to sleep" I said

"I agree but let's stay on facetiming I wanna feel as if I am next to you" he said

"Aww that's cute but you don't have to" I said i love that he would do that but he needs sleep I could tell

"Nope you are staying on the line and that's final" he said as he starts to softly sing a unfamiliar tone but I slowly start to fall asleep to it the last thing I heard was 'goodnight beautiful sleep tight'

Author's Note: here is the third update and if you haven't commented yet on my last question here is the question

QUESTION: Should I change the story's name to IMessage? Since the story is basically about texting     

Sorry if I am annoying you with this question its just I really wanna know if k should or not and I might have a contest or something so comment if you want a contest.

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