IMessage (Luke Hemmings)

Unknown Number: Hey Sky!!

Me: Who is Sky??

1st Book In The Social Media Series


14. Chapter 12

Luke: hey beautiful I just ended the show

Luke: oops I forgot that you are sleeping by now

Luke: so I am going to write a paragraph for you so when you wake up you can read it and smile

Luke: here I go

Luke: Maddie you are a wonderful girl and I am so happy that I texted the wrong number and that the girl gave me your number instead of hers because you are the reason I smile everyday and is just happy in general I have never been so happy in my life my mum couldn't even make me this happy (don't tell her I said that lol) but I know you realize this or you may not have realized this but you mean a lot to me and the boys are starting to see a change in me (it's a good change btw) they said that I am doing a lot more things then before and I wake up with a smile on my face I am always positive (at least I try I didn't know it was actually working) I wish that I could be there with you right when you wake up today just to see that beautiful smile on your face when you read this but I can't but that's alright because sooner than later we will be together and we have to think positive not negative. 
Love the worlds biggest dork on the whole planet but is YOUR LUKE

Luke: FaceTime me when you get this

Luke: sleep tight beautiful 💋

Author's Note: okay so I know that Luke's text was not feels worthy but I don't know how to write that I suck at that part and I told you I would update again there is one more left

QUESTION: if you haven't already answered the question from the last chapter but if you didn't please comment the question was 
Do you think I should change the story's name to IMessage? 
Because this is basically text messaging I don't know why I chose the name Changed Me

Love you all

Stay beautiful💖

😍Suspenders_Bows xo😍

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