IMessage (Luke Hemmings)

Unknown Number: Hey Sky!!

Me: Who is Sky??

1st Book In The Social Media Series


13. Chapter 11

Luke: Hey 

Me: hey are you done doing what you need to do lol

Luke: So how are you 

Me: Trying to change the subject i will let it slide this time

Luke: So how are you

Me: Good i am so bored

Luke: So am i, i wish i could come see you :-(

Me: Aw you're so sweet

Luke:`I try lol 

Me: You're a dork i swear 

Luke: but i'm your dork ;-)

Me: OMG guess what

Luke: What

Me: Deez nuts

Luke: :-((((((

Me: Sorry babe you fell for that one omg never do that again it looks like you have multiply chins lol

Luke: :-((((((((((()))))))))))))

Me: that () looks like a vagina 

Me: #Sorrynotsorry 

Luke: Wtf is wrong with you today

Me: i dont know i am horny or something

Luke: Clearly

Me: Come over and you can help me fix that :-)

Luke: OMFG MADDIE STOP!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Why????

Luke: Because i said so 

Me: What are you going to do penguin are you going to waddle over towards me and never catch me because i am to fast for you 

Luke: I will have you know penguins can waddle fast when they want to and they can slide on their bellies so i will be able to catch you 


Luke: You're very mean and horny today damn

Me: I try 

Luke: I gotta go babe time for a show i will text you when i get off stage

Me: Okay but i probably won't respond because i am tired and it is late here i got school tomorrow 

Luke: Oh yah i forgot about the times okay i will talk to you later

Me: Bye

Luke: Bye beautiful 


Author's Note: Okay here is a short chapter i have a important question for and i NEED you to answer it 

QUESTION: Should i change this story title?

I was thinking of IMessage because it is basically texting book but I WANT TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS ON IT COMMENT please and thank you 

On a more happier not i will be writing about 3 chapters right after i publish this 

-Suspenders_Bows xo

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