IMessage (Luke Hemmings)

Unknown Number: Hey Sky!!

Me: Who is Sky??

1st Book In The Social Media Series


2. Chapter 1

~~Unknown Number: Hey Sky!!

Me: Who is Sky??

Unknown Number: Who are you?

Me: Not Sky obviously

Unknown Number: Just tell me who you are

Me: Ok under 2 conditions 1.)How did you get my number? 2.)What's Your name?

Unknown Number: ok I got your number from this girl online because we have been talking for a while now but I guess she gave me a fake number and my name is Luke

Me: Ok maybe you were boring or she just wasn't interested in you and my name is.................................................................................

Luke: Oh come on I told you everything you wanted to know now can you please tell me your name

Me: Fine it is Maddie

Luke: That is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl

Me: Um........You haven't even see me and I look ugly af

Luke: I bet you look beautiful send me a picture of you

Me: No how do I know that your not a rapist or a creeper

Luke: I am not lets play 20 questions to get to know each other

Me: Fine you start

Luke: What is your favorite color?

Me: Purple,Light blue,Aqua,Slim Green, How old are you?

Luke: Just turned 19 today, You?

Me: Oh Happy Birthday 18, Favorite Food?

Luke: Pizza, When is your birthday?

Me: September 20, Favorite Animal?


Me: Oh and don't put that face it looks like you are Pinocchio and OWL AND PENGUIN LOL, Send Me a Picture of you?

Luke: That's not fair you get to see me but I don't get to see your face

Me: I will think about sending you a picture just let me see you so I don't know your not a creep or a rapist or else I will stop talking to you I have more important things to do then talk to you rn

Luke: Ok Ok I will don't leave I am bored you are fun to talk to

Me: Oh ok whatever you say

Luke: Here you happy now (*Picture*)

Me: Damn

Luke: What is that good or bad


Luke: Thank you I bet you look beautiful send me a picture

Me: Maybe next time because I have to go do something

Luke: Ok see you later Maddie

Me: Bye Lucas

Luke: That is not my name it is just Luke

Me: Whatever Bye talk to you later...................................Maybe

Luke: Ok bye for real


Author's Note: I hope you guys are liking the story so far check out my other books I just updated Little Mix Adopted Me for Luke's Birthday as well so yay see you next time sorry it is story

👄Suspenders_Bows xox👄


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