When your four best friends leave on tour and you have no contact for about two years, what would you do or say if they randomly show up into your life again?


9. You Knew?

Scarlet's POV

"Luke Hemmings"

Was the last thing I heard before I quickly hung up. It's couldn't be the actual Luke Hemmings. The one I grew up with. The one I called my best friend. The one I started falling for. No, it couldn't be. He left me two years ago and didn't bother to keep in contact. This had to be some cruel sick joke someone was playing.

I picked up my phone again and dialled Sam's number. My hands wouldn't stop shaking as I impatiently waited for Sam to answer. "Hello?" Sam barely got out because I told her about the previous events.

"Sam hey, I- I need to talk to you," I breathed out, not knowing how to tell her.

"Scar, hey what's wrong?" She asked genuinely concerned. I went to speak but all I let out was a croak as I bursted into tears. "Hey love it's okay, shh. I'll be right over okay?"

I nodded my head after I realized she couldn't see me, "okay," I managed to chock out before hanging up and throwing my head into a pillow to drown out my sobs.

Thankfully Sam lived right across the street from me so she was over here in no time. I heard a light knock on my door and before I could say anything, I felt two arms wrap about my body pulling me into a hug. "Shh it's okay," Sam cooed, rubbing my back.

My sobs came to a slow stop after a few minutes and I looked up at Sam wiping away my tears. "Thank you," I smiled laughing at myself, "I'm so weak."

Sam looked at me with sad eyes and pulling me into another hug, "honey you are not weak. You are honestly one of the strongest people I know. You've been through so much and look, you're still here and going strong," Sam smiled at me. I smiled back looking down at my arms. I silently thanked myself for choosing to wear a sweater. "So what's up?" Sam asked breaking me away from my thoughts.

I sighed trying to friend the right words. "I miss Drew like crazy and I hate my dad so freaking much for hurting my mom," I told her suddenly getting angry. My dad ruined everything and he couldn't even give me an explanation or look me in the eyes. He was honestly pathetic.

"I know you do Scar, I know you do," she whispered, "and your father is an ass for doing that. He'll get what he deserves soon enough, karma never fails to do its job," Sam joked and I laughed. "Hey I missed that smile." My smile grew a bit more. How did I end up with such an amazing friend like her? "Derek misses you, you know," she told me squeezing my hand.

I laughed, "yeah? Well I guess I better come visit then." I missed Derek a lot too. He was my second big brother and he was always there for me just like Sam. Like brother like sister I guess. "Um there was also something else," I trailed off, hating to ruin the good mood we had going.

"Oh?" She asked sounding a bit surprised.

"Yeah, it's uh Luke," I barely breathed out. I didn't know if she heard me, but when I looked at her she didn't seem shocked or anything. She always seemed as if she knew. I was about to ask her about it as I looked past her and realized she wasn't alone.

I guess he saw me staring with shock and anger written all over my face because he coughed, shifting uncomfortably. "Uh hey Scar," he gave me an uneasy smile.


I'm so sorry for not updating yesterday, I got busy and ran out of time. But I hope you all had an amazing Monday! Please like and comment, your feedback means a lot. (:


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