When your four best friends leave on tour and you have no contact for about two years, what would you do or say if they randomly show up into your life again?


5. The Party

The ceremony went by in a blur and soon enough Sam and I were on our way to the after party that some of the popular kids were throwing. We weren't into parties that much but decided to go and have the time of our lives and celebrate our graduation.

Sam was blasting her music throughout her vehicle and singing along as I stared out of the window trying to clear my head. The only thing I clearly remember from the ceremony (besides my mom bawling her eyes the entire time) was constantly scanning the crowd for my father. I know it was stupid but I just wanted him to be there so badly for me. I just wanted to feel important to him for once. I sighed louder than I meant to, blinking back tears.

Sam must have heard me because she turned down her music and glanced at me, "everything okay?" She asked concerned.

"Yeah, just overthinking. Like always," I told her not really in the mood to talk. She must have picked up on that because she just nodded her head without saying another word.

We drove in silence with the soft hum of the radio as we turned down a dirt road. I assumed we were close because I could heard the music blaring and vehicles parked everywhere.

Sam quickly found a place to park. "Well let's get this party started!" She yelled stepping out of the vehicle. I laughed rolling my eyes as I stepped out.

The party was a lot more crowded than I was expecting and there was definitely a few underage people here and about a third of the crowd was already wasted. Now I remember why I hated parties so much. I allowed Sam to drag me though the crowd to find us a few drinks. We were lucky that we turned 18 before we graduated otherwise our parents would have never allowed us to go anywhere.

I watched Sam walk away and moments later coming back with two beers. "Thanks," I mumbled as she handed me a bottle. She glared at me in return and I looked away. "Sorry," I whispered looking down at me feet.

"It's fine, I understand," she had a hint of frustration in her voice and I felt bad. Tonight is supposed to be for us and I'm already ruining it. I nodded my head and took a swig of the cool beer. I smiled to myself as the coolness washed over me. I felt refreshed and started to relax a bit. Sam smiled at my reaction and took a sip of hers.

I lost Sam at some point during the night but I didn't care anymore because I was having the time of my life. I may have had a few drinks but I was feeling great. I was currently on the dance floor grinding it up with some random dude. He had his hands on my hips and we were swaying to the music. Normally I would feel very uncomfortable dancing like this, but being drunk takes away your control and makes you feel free. Well it did for me anyway.

A slow song came on and the guy, Derek I think, whispered in my ear, "hey want to get out of here?"

I nodded my head. Deep down I knew this was a bad idea but being my drunk self I went along. He lead me around the back of the house into an old shed.

He shut the door behind me and pushed me back against it, kissing me roughly. My head was buzzing from everything going on and I wasn't thinking straight and I started kissing him back. His hands started travelling underneath my shirt and slowly started to take it off. Suddenly things became a bit more clear as to what was about to happen.

"De- Derek" so choked out turning my head to the side.

"Yes babe?" He whispered against my neck. That sent chills throughout my body and it took all my might to push him away from me.

"St- stop. Please," I begged trying to catch me breath.

He stumbled back looking a bit dazed. He slightly shook his head and looked up towards me. His dark glassy eyes glared at me and I suddenly felt very nervous and uncomfortable. "What do you think this is?" He coldly spat at me taking a step closer.

"I- I'm sorry. I'm just not ready," I stuttered out silently cursing the weakness in the voice.

"Oh you're not ready? Then why the hell did you come out here with me!" He was practically yelling at me know and I was definitely scared out of my mind.

"I was drunk and not thinking straight okay!" I yelled back. I have no idea where my anger came from but I was glad for it.

He looked shocked at my sudden outburst and I smirked at that. I pushed past him wanting to get as far away from this place as possible before I had a breakdown. "Where do you think you're going?" He hissed in my ear, grabbing my arm as I walked by. I tried yanking my arm back but it was no use. It had a death grip on it. "You're feisty, I love that in a girl" he smirked and pushed me back against the wall again. I felt sick to my stomach at his words and was about to defend myself before he smashed his lips into mine. It took me a second to realize what was happening before I punched him in the jaw. I didn't realize what I had done until he stumbled back holding his jaw. "What the fuck?" He spat looking at the blood on his hand.

I was in shock at my own actions and was about to say something as someone burst though the door. "Oh sorry I- Scarlet? I've been looking for you everywhere!" Sam yelled running up to me. "What are you doing here?" She asked after giving me a quick hug. I was about to tell her when she turned around to see Derek smirking at us. She looked at me, "ohh I didn't mean to interrupt anything," there was only a little bit of light in the shed but you could clearly see the redness on Sam's face.

I suddenly got very defensive, "you didn't interrupt anything. I was just leaving," I told her sternly glaring at Derek as I grabbed Sam's hand and got as far away as possible from the shed and house.

"Scar, what's wrong?" Sam asked ripping her hand from my grip. I didn't realize I lead us all the way back to her car.

"Nothing," I spat. "Now can you please unlock the door?" I asked a bit too harshly.

"No. Not until you tell me what's wrong!" She yelled at me standing her ground.

"I don't want to talk about it okay!" I yelled back at her. Tears were building up and I was not in the mood for a fight.

"You never want to talk about anything ever!" We were in a full out screaming match at each other and I was glad no one was around to hear us.

"YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S WRONG? EVERYTHING! OKAY! EVERYTHING IS WRONG!" I was close to tears now and I was having a hard time controlling my breathing. Sam just stared at me not saying anything. I just rolled my eyes and was about to ask her to unlock the doors again as my phone went off. "What?" I snapped.

"Scar? Honey? Is everything okay?" My mom asked worriedly on the other side of the line. I sighed wishing I checked the caller ID before answering.

"Yeah, sorry. I'm just tired," I lied. There was a moment of silence before I spoke up again, "did you need something?"

"Huh? Oh yeah um.." She trailed off seeming to search for the right words. I tensed up knowing this wouldn't be good. "It- it's your brother Scar. He wanted to surprise you for your graduation bu- but something happened on his way here," my mother stuttered out. I could hear how strained her voice was and it seemed like she had been crying for hours.

I instantly felt completely sober. "What do yo mean?" I whispered my voice surprisingly even.

"He got into a horrible car crash and h- he didn't make it." My mom started crying on the other side of the line.

I dropped my phone and stumbled back a bit. I was in complete shock and denial. No this couldn't be happening. "Scar? Is everything okay?" Sam asked rushing over to my side.

"My brother he- he's dead," I whispered, collapsing to the ground.


I was cat sitting today and decided to write another part for you guys. I hope this is okay and the boys should come in soon. Next chapter or the one after I think. Anyways did any of you see that one coming? 😁


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