When your four best friends leave on tour and you have no contact for about two years, what would you do or say if they randomly show up into your life again?


1. The Hardest Goodbye

Hey guys I decided to start fresh with a new story so I hope you guys like this. I'm still in the process of writing it but I wanted to add the first part to see if I should continue it or not, so enjoy!


"Don't forget about me," I choke back tears as I hug the four boys.

"We could never forget you Scar," Calum smiles with tear filled eyes, ruffling my hair. I smile at that. He always does that to me whenever we say goodbye. But this one was different, this was the hardest goodbye I've had to deal with so far. 

I stood there along side my best friend Sam as we watched our four best friends walk down the tunnel to their plane with suitcases in hand. I smiled and waved, holding back the tears that threatened to spill as Luke looked back one last time with a sad smile. They were the last ones to board, trying to spend every last second possible with us, so the doors closed immediately after they entered. I made it until I watched their plane take off. Once it was out of sight I collapsed to the ground crying the tears I've been holding in for two months. I don't know how long it would be until I see them again, but I prayed it was soon. I was happy they were finally living their dreams, they deserved it so much. I just wish they didn't have to leave Sam and I. I felt Sam's arms wrap around my limp body, pulling me off the ground. She was always the stronger one out of the both of us, so when I turned and saw her smudged makeup and tear stained cheeks I broke all over again. I hugged her as she rubbed my back trying to comfort me. Eventually our tears stopped and our breathing became steady again. I pulled back wiping away my tears probably looking hideous with my smudged makeup, "thank you" I choked out.

Sam smiled at me wiping away her own tears, "Let's get going, we have a big day tomorrow" she reminded me, looping her arm through mine. I smiled at the thought of starting grade 10 tomorrow, we were finally going to be in high school. I was nervous, but I also needed a fresh start in a new school with new people. I sighed at the thought of the four boys not being by our side anymore. They were lucky they didn't have to finish high school, but Ashton was a little disappointed because he only had one more year until he graduated but he quickly got over it. We always had plans on Luke, Sam, and I graduating together since Michael and Calum were a year ahead of us. After the three of us graduated we all planned on travelling the world together, discovering new things and people, but now things have changed. They get to travel the world doing the thing they loved most which was performing live, while Sam and I were stuck finishing high school on our own. It was a bittersweet feeling.

Sam and I climbed into her older brother's vehicle, who was kind enough to drive us around all day knowing we would be a complete wreck, and that's when everything became clear again.

"They're gone," I whispered to myself as Sam's brother, Matt, looked back obviously hearing me.

"It's going to be okay, you can do this," he smiles squeezing my knee. I smiled back at him. He was always like a second older brother to me ever since mine went off to college in America last year and I haven't gotten a chance to see him yet. They were like a whole other family to me and I was grateful for them. As Matt pulled out of the parking lot, I looked out the window into the cloudy blue sky searching for any sight of a plane knowing it was long gone already. I closed my eyes as a lone tear escaped, "please come home soon" I prayed inside my head as we headed back home.


Sorry it's short but this is just an introduction I guess. So what do you guys think? Continue it or just give up? I would love your feedback please <3 


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