When your four best friends leave on tour and you have no contact for about two years, what would you do or say if they randomly show up into your life again?


10. Just Like Old Times

Calum's POV (because why not)

Part one

My parents had just left for work after they picked me up from the airport since they both couldn't get the full day off and I was already bored out of my mind. I didn't know who to call because all the boys were busy with their families. I sighed loudly and walked up to my room. I went to pick up my guitar as a picture sitting on my desk caught my eye. It was Luke, Michael, Ashton, Sam, Scarlet and I. I smiled at the memory of us all hanging out at the cabin Scarlet's parents owned. I picked up the picture examining it more closely. Luke had his arms wrapped around Scarlet's waist and they were both looking at each other smiling. I always knew they had a thing for each other, everyone knew except them. Beside them was Michael and Ashton who were hanging off of each other laughing at something stupid I'm assuming. And lastly beside them was Sam and I. I had my arm around her waist and she was leaning into me. We both had the biggest grins on our faces. Just before that picture was taken I had asked her to be my girlfriend and she thankfully said yes. No one else knew at the time and no one figured it out because a week later we were all taken by surprise as we found out One Direction wanted us on tour with them. We stayed longer than expected because our fame skyrocketed causing us to spend two years travelling instead of a few months. It was hard, very hard being away from our family and friends, but it was even more harder when we lost contact with Sam and Scarlet. We honestly got so busy and then time zones started getting in the way, we just stopped communicating. We all tried contacting them a year after leaving but we couldn't. It was almost as if they forgot about us. I somehow managed to get ahold of Sam a week before we arrived back in Australia, but all I got was an 'oh' from her. She didn't sound excited, she sounded almost worried. I let it slide though when she agreed that we could meet up sometime on my break.

I put the picture back down and dug my phone out of my pocket, searching for Sam's new number. Turns out both her and Scarlet changed their numbers which would explain us not being able to call or text them.

It rang three times before she answered, "hey," she answered. I could hear the smile in her voice.

"Hey," I answered back smiling. "I was wondering if you wanted to hang out? My parents are working and I know the boys are busy," I sighed out.

I heard her giggle on the other side of the line before answering, "yeah of course. Come over whenever."

The smile on my face grew as she said that. I hoped we could work things out and become close friends again and maybe even my girlfriend. I never stopped liking her. Two years later and I'm still smiling like a fool because of her. "I'll be over in five minutes," I replied hanging up and grabbing my keys.

I pulled up to Sam's house and took a deep breath before walking up to the door and knocking. She answered a few seconds later and instantly pulled me into a hug, "I missed you so much," she sniffled into my check.

"I missed you too," I mumbled into her hair, rubbing her back.

She pulled away and wiped away what looked like a tear. "Come in," she stepped away gesturing inside. I nodded my head and stepping in. She closed the door behind me and I followed her up to her room. "So how have you been?" She asked jumping onto her bed. She patted a spot beside her and I sat down.

"I've been good. A little homesick but good," I smiled. "How have you been?" I asked back looking at her.

Her face fell a bit, but she quickly recovered plastering a smile back on her face. "I've been good," she told me a little too happily. I could tell she was lying. Her voice always went a bit higher when she lied and it seemed very forced. I gave her a questioning look and her smile faded.

This time I fully took in her appearance. Her eyes were puffy and red, she had tear stains on her cheeks and her eye makeup was a bit smudged. How could I have missed this before? She looked.. Broken. "Tell me the truth, please," I begged grabbing her hand.

She took a deep breath and let out everything she seemed to have been holding in for a long time. She told me everything. From the moment the boys and I stepped onto the plane to what was happening now. She told me how lost her and Scarlet felt when we left and how long it took them (mainly Scarlet) to recover. She told me how horrible school was and how they were bullied a bit and lastly she told me about Scarlet's brother.

By the time she was finished she was crying and I had tears pricking at my eyes. "Hey shh, everything will be okay. I'm here now, I'll help you through this," I promised her, pulling her into a hug.

I let her cry into my shirt until she pulled away. I reached up and wiped away her tears with my thumb. "Thank you. I feel so stupid for crying, Scarlet's the one going through this all and I haven't talked to her in a week," she cried out.

My heart broke for her and Scarlet. I can't imagine how she's doing if Sam here is a mess. "It's okay, she'll come around. You guys are best friends and you always will be," I reassured her, pulling her back into a hug and kissing the top of her head. "God I missed you so much," I mumbled, a few tears falling from my eyes.

She stifled a laugh, "I missed you too Cal Pal."

I smiled at the name she called me. She was the one who gave it to me and it didn't feel the same when someone else called me that. "Well Sammy Bear, shall we go watch a movie maybe?" I asked pulling her up to her feet with me.

She giggle her face going a bit red, "why yes I think we shall." We were both laughing now and it took us about a minute to calm down.

I stood up straight and looked at her. I was a little bit taller but not much, it was perfect. "You're so gorgeous," I blurted out. My face went beat red as I realized I said that out loud.

Sam just giggled and ran down the stairs yelling back at me, "first one down gets to pick the movie!" I rolled my eyes laughing and chased after her.


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