When your four best friends leave on tour and you have no contact for about two years, what would you do or say if they randomly show up into your life again?


4. Graduation Day

Those three days went by faster than I wanted and pretty soon my graduation day had come.

I put the finishing touches of my makeup on and added a few more bobby pins into my hair. I sprayed some more hairspray for extra security and stepped back examining my appearance in the full body mirror. I had to admit I cleaned up pretty good, but I still I wasn't satisfied. I don't think I'll ever be comfortable in my own body. I wasn't the skinniest person ever and I didn't have the clearest face, but I tried my best. I sighed trying to clear my mind before I drowned in my own thoughts.

I was picking out a pair of shoes to wear when I head a slight knock on the door. I turned my head to see my mom walk into my room.

"Hey honey, Sam is here," she smiled warmly taking in my full appearance. I was wearing a long flowing teal dress that hugged my waist perfectly. It had some jewels covering the top, but otherwise it was quite simple. It suited me perfectly. "Sweetie you look beautiful," my mom looked at me.

I could see her eyes starting to water so I pulled her into a hug. "Thank you mom. I love you."

She pulled back from the hug and held me at arms length, "I love you Scarlet," she smiled. I wiped away a tear. I hated that I was so emotionally lately. "I'm sorry your father couldn't be here," my mom told me with a sad look in her eyes.

I sighed, "it's okay." He was never around anymore so I was used to it, I just hoped that maybe this time he would come through and be here for me, but like always he wasn't.

"Well we should get going, don't want to be late for your big day," my mom squeezed my arms. I nodded grabbing a pair of black heels and following her down the stairs.

"You look amazing!" Sam squealed as I reached the bottom of the stairs.

I ran to hug her, "you look freaking hot!" I yelled back and we both burst into laughter.

"This day is going to be amazing!" Sam exclaimed dragging my out to my moms vehicle. I laughed struggling to stay on my feet. I really hope she was right, I could use a day off and just forget about all my worries for a while.


Sorry this is short and not that great but I'm at my friends and decided I should write a little part for you guys. I have a few more chapters (I hope) before the boys get fully introduced. I hope you all stick around long enough for it. I hope you guys had a good Wednesday! :)

~ Laryssa

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