♥Little Mix Adopted Me?♥

Their was this teenager girl named Emma and she has been sent to the orphanage because her mom had made a lot of bad choices and we all know that she wasn't getting the proper care she needed. Little mix wanted to adopted a teenaged girl who is funny,can take a joke,sing and so happens Emma can do all of them. Will she have to leave her BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD? Read to find out the the rest of the story to find out what happens next?


8. Chapter 8:London



We all got off the plane and we put our bags inside the limo fans were crowding the airport and the limo but we all managed to get by the fans.We were staying at this 5-star hotel we have decided to stay at a hotel because we are only staying here 2 weeks so what was a point of renting a big mansion for 2 weeks.Emma and Kathy's birthday in 1 week they are turning 18 yrs old so i thought we could have a surprise party for them.

"Perrie are you alright" Jesy asked

"Yah just thinking about Emma and Kathy's birthday" I wispered

"Ok" Jesy said

We have been driving for at least 10 minutes Jesy and Leighanne were talking aand Jade and Harry were talking but flirting too Kathy and Emma were talking and Louis and Niall and Liam were talking and Zayn was sleeping and yes i am just sitting here thinking to myself.  After another 5-10 minutes of thinking to myself we arrived at the hotel called London Bridge hotel and surprisingly there were no fans fans around but i swear them yelling and screaming can really get annoying to me.  I woke up Zayn we all got out of the limo and  i went to the counter to get our keys.

"Ok Kathy and Jesy in room B14 and Leighanne and Emma in room B13 and me and Jade in room B15 and Louis and Harry and Zayn in room B16 and Liam and Niall in room B17" I siad

***WE ARE ALL IN OUR ROOM UNPACKING***"Perrie can i tell you something" Jade said

"Yah Jade you can tell me anything" I said

"I like Harry" She said

"That's good" I said

"How is that good" She said

"Because lou that he likes you and you like him so just tell him that you like him" I said

"Yah but he was deniying it the whole time" She said

"Yah but he blushed when lou said it" I said

"Yah you're right but i wanna talk to him first" She said

"Ok let's go see if the everybody wants to go somewhere" I said

"I will just stay here" She said

"Ok i will be back" I said

I walk out of the room and walk down the hall to Harry and Lou's and texted the other's to come here i knocked on their door.


I grabbed my Dumbo pajama's and went into the bathroom and changed into them and grabbed my bow slippers and i sat down and put on Pretty Little Liars  i was so bored so i put in a movie i put in The Little Mermaid (I love that movie) and i started to fall asleep half way through the movie when i heard "KNOCK KNOCK' at the door i got up and opened the door without even looking at who it was first and it was......Harry "What are you doing here i thought you were with the others" I said " I didn't want to go can i come in' He said "Yah sure i am just watching a movie" I said"Ok you have any popcorn" He said"Let me go check" I saidI walked in the kitchen and looked in the cupboard and i find extra butter popcorn i grab two bags and i put them into the mircowave and walked out to see Harry on his phone probably on twitter."By the way we are finishing my movie first before we watch whatever movie is next" I said walking in "Ok what movie is it" He asked"The Little Mermaid" I repliedI sat down and hit play it continued when the movie was over i went to go make more popcorn and Harry was picking out another movie. I walked in the living room and set down the popcorn and i sat down and it was silent i broke the silence."Harry is it true what Lou said" I said "What did Lou say" He said"That you like me is it true" I said " Ummmmmm" He said "Harry answer the queston" I said"Yes it is true" He said"Oh" I said blushing "Do you like me" He said getting up from the couch"Yah I do Like you" I said    "Oh" He said"What movie did you pick" I said changing the subject "I didn't find one so let's just watch tv" He said"Ok i need to catch up on Pretty Little Liars anyways" i said"Why do you need to catch up" He said"Because ever since i try out for the x-factori really haven't  been able to watch it so it records on the hard drive so i can watch it anytimei want" I said(I don't know if they can do that but it is just going to happen in this book)I put the hard drive in the flat screen tv"Jade can i ask you something" He said "Yah sure"I said"Will you go out with em on a date" He asked"No sorry" I said"It's alr- i cut him off "I'm just kidding" I said"Oh ok i will pick you up at 8pm on friday" He said "Ok" I said"I better get going" He said"Ok i will walk you to the door" I said standing upWe both walk to the door and i went to open the door but i felt Harry's lips on mine after about 10 seconds i pulled away "I am sor-i cut him off "It's alright see you on friday" I saidI opened the door and he left.

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