♥Little Mix Adopted Me?♥

Their was this teenager girl named Emma and she has been sent to the orphanage because her mom had made a lot of bad choices and we all know that she wasn't getting the proper care she needed. Little mix wanted to adopted a teenaged girl who is funny,can take a joke,sing and so happens Emma can do all of them. Will she have to leave her BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD? Read to find out the the rest of the story to find out what happens next?


31. Chapter 30:Explaination

~~Kathy's Pov
"Come in" I said I looked up to see Luke what does he want

"What do you want" I said already annoyed

"I just wanna explain what happened" Luke said

"You have 10 minutes" I said sitting up as he sat down

"Okay so when you went into the hospital I kinda lost it we thought you were going to die so I went out and got drunk I know I know what you are thinking why would you do that if I was in the hospital but see the reason was that I was lost without you and I mean it I haven't left my room that much only to do concerts and to eat I even rejected the boys to going to the club but not the point so I went to dance because I was dunk at the time and this girl came up to me and started dancing with me sooner than later we ended up upstairs doing things that wasn't suppose to happen and I regret everything that I did that night I should have been with you at the hospital it was my fault that you got hit if I would have left you alone you would have never gotten hit I don't expect you to believe me or forgive me or anything I just wanted to explain to you what happened" He said as I started tearing up

"I am so sorry Luke but I will forgive you eventually but for right now I just need some time to think about everything and I don't know if we will get back together or not but I jut need time" I said now crying

"First of all don't cry you are to pretty to cry and second of all I understand take as much time as you need" he said getting up and leaving my room

I have a lot to think about right now.

🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 Author's Note: sorry for the short chapter I wrote this on my phone and I am also on the bus so don't hate me if there are grammar and stuff but I will try to do a double update when I get home which I almost am but I just wanted to post this just in case I can't double update love you lots vote comment share

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