♥Little Mix Adopted Me?♥

Their was this teenager girl named Emma and she has been sent to the orphanage because her mom had made a lot of bad choices and we all know that she wasn't getting the proper care she needed. Little mix wanted to adopted a teenaged girl who is funny,can take a joke,sing and so happens Emma can do all of them. Will she have to leave her BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD? Read to find out the the rest of the story to find out what happens next?


2. Chapter 2:The Mall

~~"We arrived at this big huge mansion"

They all got out of the car and they helped me with me bags and Perrie showed me m room and they all sat my bags down and left the room.I sat on my bed i looked around and looked at my purple and aqua colored walls and my purple and aqua blackets and pillow cases.When i turned around i saw my name right above my bed "This is awesome" I said to myself.

Perrie called me in the kitchen 'Their kitchen was huge' "Yes Perrie" i said

"Me and the girls were thinking since you don't have a lot of clothes maybe we can go to the mall like right now" Perrie said to me

"Ok" i said to her

"So lets go then why are we still here" Perrie said to everyone

'We all go into the car'

Everybody was on their phone then thats when Perrie asked me "Emma you don't have a phone"

"Nope" i said

"Well that is going to change" she said

'In about 10 minutes we were at the mall everybody excitedly got out of the car'

Perrie and Jade took me to Verizon so i could join their plan i was able to pick out any phone i wanted so i picked the same one as everybody else i got the IPhone 5c and i got pink the same as everybody else had so i picked up a few cases while we were there. But then out of nowhere i just started to cry and thats when they both came up to me and said "Whats wrong" ' Its just that i miss Kathy she was my only best friend i had" i said still crying "but we are you best friends too"Perrie said " i know but me and Kathy has been through a lot together" I told them "ok we will talk about this later" Jade said "ok" i said to her.We went to Claries,Aeropostal,Forever 21,and Justices.Emma asked "can i get my cartlage periced" "yah where do you wanna get them done at" Perrie and Jade asked "How about Claries" I said "Lets go then" Jade said

'They walk down to Claries'

Perrie asked the girl that was putting clothes on the rack "My daughter wants to get her cartlage periced" "Is she over 14 yrs" she asked Perrie "Yes why does that matter she has her parents here" Perrie asked confused "We still have to ask just doing my job" She told Perrie "ok can we do it now" Perrie said to the girl "Yah i will be over" she said "We walked over to the desk so she can look at the earings to see what one she wants.Emma looked at them all and she told Perrie and Jade "I want the blue and purple flower" "ok i will tell her" Jade said. "Excuse me we have picked out the earing we are ready now" Jade told the girl "ok" she said

'She finally came over to do my ear'

She grabbed a purple marker and put a dot on my ear and ask Perrie "Is that good" "yes thats good" she told her "This might hurt" she told me. 'CLICK' "oochh" i yelled. She gave me a mirror so i could look at it "Thank you it is pretty" i told he girl "Your welcome" she told me. She told me "You have keep this earing in your ear for at least 6 months and here is some cleaning stuff you have to clean it everyday make sure you rotate it so you don't have crust in your ear pericing" "ok" i told her "bye have a nice day" she told us "bye you too" i told her back

" ok girls now we have to go find Leighanne and Jesy" Jade said " I think i have a place where they might be at to victoria secrets" i said to Jade and Perrie. So we look around Victoria Secrets and so happens i found Leighanne and Jesy with a whole bunch of perfume and lotion in their hand "Leighanne and Jesy "what are guys doing with that much perfume and lotion" i asked "oh well we are going not going to be going to the mall for a while so we have to get or perfume and lotion here Jesy we should get lipgloss to" Leighanne said to me and Jesy "ok well i will go find the other 2" i said to them "No they will find us theirself you just come pick out somethings" Leighanne said " ok "I told Leighanne. So i picked out some lotion and some purfume and some lipgloss and i told Leighanne That i was all done and i heard Perrie and Jades voices they were yelling "Emma,Leighanne,and Jesy "What i am in the perfume and lotion center" i yelled to them no sooner they saw me and Jesy and Leighanna having a whole bunch of perfume and lotion and lipgloss in our hands of course they both said "Can we join to" "Yah Leighanne said.So Jade and Perrie got the same thing as all of us some perfume and lotion and lipgloss."We all done girls" Leighanne asked all of us "Yah" we yelled to her "ok let go to the counter to pay for all of this" she said to us. All together we had at least 50 bottles of perfume and 45 bottles of lotion and 25 tubes of lipgloss if you counted all of our stuff up together. So the ladie at the counter rang up all of the stuff and our total was $450.00 the ladie said to leighanne 'Leighanne handed the ladie her credit card. " Have a nice day" they ladie said to us " you too"i said back to her

"It is time to go home girls"leighanne said to us. We all realized that we have all been at the mall for at least 4 hours that was a long time to be at the mall.

'We all got into the limo to go home'

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