♥Little Mix Adopted Me?♥

Their was this teenager girl named Emma and she has been sent to the orphanage because her mom had made a lot of bad choices and we all know that she wasn't getting the proper care she needed. Little mix wanted to adopted a teenaged girl who is funny,can take a joke,sing and so happens Emma can do all of them. Will she have to leave her BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD? Read to find out the the rest of the story to find out what happens next?


27. Chapter 26:Fun Day

~~Recap: "It started 3 years ago..........


Kathy's Pov
"So that's what happened I hope that help you remember some stuff" My mum said

"It does thank you mum" I said

"Your welcome get some sleep you had a rough day you need to rest" My mum said

"Ok goodnight girls" I said giving all of them hugs after that they all leave I turn on the TV it is on E! News

"5 Seconds Of Summer star Luke Hemmings cheating on Little Mix star Kathy Thirlwall  Luke was found at the bar with a fan in the back kissing Luke was later on found leaving the bar with the same fan from earlier that night. We will have more on this story after the break" The news lady said my head started hurting


"Hey Kathy" Luke slurred walking through the door

"Luke are you drunk?" I asked

"No" He slurred again

"Come on lets get you to bed" I said walking to him grabbing his hand and taking him upstairs

"Lay down" I said

"I don't wanna go to bed" He slurred

"Well you are don't argue with me" I said laying him on the bed than I take his shoes off of him and putting the blankets over him

"Stay in bed get some sleep" I said leaving his room


So that's what happened that night I thought to myself I slowly started to fall asleep thinking about Luke and how tomorrow is going to be.

~The Next Day~

I woke up in this strange room that is not my bedroom than everything started coming back I was in a car crash I don't remember this boy that is suppose to be my boyfriend and he is coming here in a little bit to try to help me remember things I heard something ding it was my phone I grab it there was a text from Luke


Hey Kathy I wanted to know what time you want me to come by

Luke xox

I check the time it is 12pm so I guess he could come now


You can come now if you want but that is up to you

Kathy xox

I got a text right back after I send that one


Be there in 5 minutes

Luke xox

I don't even bother texting back because he is probably on the road coming here

~5 Minutes Later~

Luke came through the door

"Hey Kathy how are you doing" Luke said

"I'm doing good in pain but I am good how are you" I asked

"Fine I am just happy that I am here with you" He said

"Aw how are you going to help me remember you and our memories together" I asked being curious

"Well I asked the doctors if I could take you out for a little bit and she said that you were going to be discharged today anyways so they are coming with your paper with your meds and than we can go" He said

"Really I can finally get out of this place" I said I never liked hospitals they creep me out

"Yes then I am going to take you somewhere is that ok" He said

"Yah that's fine with me" I said

*Knock Knock*

"Come in" I said the doctor walked through the door

"Ok Ms.Thirlwall you are able to leave now just sign theses papers and you are free to go and you need to take this meds everyday when you wake up and when you feel a headache coming you need to sit down because that either means that you are getting a flashback or you are just stressing a lot" The doctor explains handing me the papers

"Ok thank you for everything doctor" I said signing the papers

"Your welcome take it easy try to get some sleep when you get home" The doctor said

"Ok I will" I said getting off the bed I almost fall over because I haven't got up for 24 hours I think but Luke caught me before I could fall down

"Thank you" I said to Luke getting back up on my feet

"No problem" He said

"Lets go I wanna get out of here it freaks me out" I said

"Ok lets go" He said

We get out the hospital and into Luke's car

"So where are we going?" I asked

"It is a surprise" He said

"Fine" I said pouting

"Pouting doesn't work on me" He said

"Fine" I repeated pulling out my phone and texting my mum saying that I got discharged and that I am hanging out with Luke she texted me back saying I was aloud but not for long

"Luke my mum said I cant be out long" I told him

"Ok we will only go here than I will take you home" He said

~About 10 Minutes Later~

"We are here" He said getting out the car I do the same we are at the beach

"Luke why are we at the beach" I asked

"Well this is was a first date" He said

"Oh" I said

"Follow me" He said grabbing my wrist walking over to a tree

"This is nice" I said

"Yes it is come sit down" He said sitting down I do the same

"It is so beautiful here" I said

"Yes it is so basically we are here to see if you can remember our first date so I am going to do my best to help you starting with this" He said grabbing my hand once again and getting up I do the same

"Come on" He said still holding my hand walking towards the water

"Are we going to go in the water" I asked

"No we are going to walk along side it" He said

"Ok" I said as we were walking he splashed me with some water using his foot

"Hey that wasn't nice" I said kicking some water at him he cupped some water in his hands and tried to splash it on me but I ran I looked back to see he wasn't to far behind I kept on running but all of the sudden I started getting a headache I had to sit down so I stopped and sat right where I stopped at

"Kathy what's the matter" Luke said

"Nothing I am getting a headache" I said after that I zoned out


"Kathy stop it" He said

"Nope I don't think I want to" I said splashing him

"Oh you are gong to get it" He said getting up I started running the other direction as he started running after me I looked back he was close to me I tried to run faster but it was to late he tackled me

"Omg Luke you are a moose get off of me" I said

"I am not" He pouted

"Stop pouting you baby" I said

"Aw you love me" He said

"Actually don't" I said trying to keep a straight face

"Aw you don't love me" He said fake crying

"Aw baby I do love you" I said

"Ha I knew you loved me" He said getting off of me and running

"Hey no fair" I said standing up and running after him

"You will never catch me haha" He said

"Yes I will" I said

"No you wont" He said

"Did I just see a penguin in the water" I said

"Where" He said as he stopped running as I ran after him

"No where" I said grabbing him

"Hey no fair you tricked me" He said pouting

"Oops" I said


"Kathy what happened" Luke asked

"I just had a flashback" I said

"What was it about" He asked

"It was our first day where you pouting because I told you that there was penguins inside the water and then I caught you and you got all sad because the penguins weren't really in the water" I explained

"That's great but I was really sad because their wasn't penguins in the water did you remember anything else" He said

"That was so funny and no I didn't" I said

"Ok lets get you home because Jade will kill me if you weren't home on time" He said I chuckled

"Ok lets go" I said as we head back to the car

~At Home~

"Thank you for today" I said

"Your welcome I am glad you remembered" He said

"So am I text me sometime" I said getting out the car and heading towards me and the girls house

"HEY I AM HOME" I yelled

"How did it go" My mum asked

"It went good he took me to where our first date was and I remembered something" I said proudly

"What did you remember" She asked

"I remembered when we had a splash fight and he ran than I told him that there were penguins in the water and he stopped and said where than I said know where and I caught him I had a awesome time today but I am really tired so I am going to head upstairs and go to sleep" I said

"Ok glad you had a good time Goodnight sweetie" My mum said kissing the top of my head

"Goodnight mum" I said running upstairs to the room I am staying in right now

I change into my Pj's which are my shorts and a tank-top because it is hot here, I put my phone on the charger and hop into bed and I slowly start to fall asleep.


Author's Note: Yay another chapter I got the feels during this chapter and I don't like it one bit I have been working on this since 10am and it is 4:32 pm so that is along time but I had to do somethings in between to so I hope you like this chapter I might update tomorrow so keep in eye out or the next day after tomorrow because I am really tired


♥Suspenders_Bows xox♥







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