♥Little Mix Adopted Me?♥

Their was this teenager girl named Emma and she has been sent to the orphanage because her mom had made a lot of bad choices and we all know that she wasn't getting the proper care she needed. Little mix wanted to adopted a teenaged girl who is funny,can take a joke,sing and so happens Emma can do all of them. Will she have to leave her BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD? Read to find out the the rest of the story to find out what happens next?


25. Chapter 25:Paris!!!!!

~~Leigh-Anne's Pov
We arrived in Paris a few days ago today we are going around the city to explore and hopefully to meet some lovely mixers

"GIRLS COME ON" I yelled

"COMING" They all yelled

After what seems like  2 minutes later they all came downstairs FINALLY

"Are you girls ready now" I asked them

"Yes lets do this" Jade said skipping to the door Classic Jade

I walked out of the house with the rest of the girls but I stopped to shut the door and lock it after I was done I walked to the car where I guess I was driving because Perrie was in the front and the rest of the girls were in the back I literally always have to drive but I am not driving us home that's for sure. I jump in the drivers seat and buckle up, I start up the car and start driving to starbucks because who doesn't need coffee in the Morning/Afternoon.

~We Arrived At Starbucks~

"Do you girls wanna come in or do you wanna stay inside the car?" I asked the girls

"Come in" They all said and it was freaky too

"Ok lets go" I said

We all get out the car we didn't try to hide from the mixers because we wanna see them we really haven't seen Mixers in a while.

"Are we staying to chat and drink or do you guys just wanna drink it in the car while I drive around or we can go walking in the park?" I asked them

"Sit down" Perrie said the other girls nodded in agreement

"Ok one more question What do you guys want?" I asked the girls

"I will have a Oreo Frap" Jade said

"I will have the same" Kathy said

"Me too" Emma said

"So I am guessing all of you guys want the Oreo Frap am I right" I asked

"Yes" All of them said together this is really starting to get freaky

"Ok I will be right back go find a seat" I said walking over to the counter

"How can I help you?" The girl said picking up her head from her phone soon as she saw me her eyes widened and smiled

"Yes Can I have 6 Oreo Frap please" I said

"Ok I will be right back" The teenaged girl said I think she was a fan

"Here you go Leigh" Sasha said as I read on her name tag and I was right she was a fan

"Thank you and can I ask you a question" I said/asked

"Sure" Sasha said

"When do you get a break" I asked

"In about 2 Minutes why" Sasha asked

"Because I wanted to know if you wanted to come and sit with me and the rest of the girls if you want" I said

"Really you wanna hang out with me" She said

"Yah we love our mixers and we would do anything to meet and get to know a mixer" I said

"Sure and thank you Leigh you are to sweet" She said

"Ok and order you a drink to its on me" I said to her

"No I cant do that I will pay for my own drink" She said

"Nope I am paying for it and there is nothing you can do about it" I said grabbing the drinks and putting a $10 dollar bill on the counter and walking back to the table where the rest of the girls were

"Here girls I invited a mixer over here to meet you girls and hang out while she was on her break I hope that was ok" I said handing the girls there drink and sitting down next the Kathy

"Nope not at all we love our mixers right girls" Jesy said while the rest of the girl nodded agreeing with Jesy

"Hey girls" Sasha said sitting beside me

"Hey Sasha girls this is Sasha Sasha this is Pe- I got interrupted by Sasha

"Perrie,Jade,Jesy,Kathy,Emma" Sasha said finishing what I was about to say

"Sorry I am big fans if you want me to go I will understand" Sasha said getting up

"No we want you to stay don't we girls" I said with the girls nodding their head once again agreeing with me

"Are you sure" Sasha said

"Yes we are sure sit down" I said

"Ok and here you go Leigh thank you" She said handing me the change

"No you keep I the change I don't want it" I said handing her back the change

"I cant take this from you, you already did enough for me" Sasha said

"No you are keeping it" I said

"Fine" She said

"So tell us about yourself Sasha" Emma said

"Well my name is Sasha Green I am originally from South Shield in the UK but moved because I got accepted to a collage down here oh and I am 21 yrs old" Sasha said

"Hey we are from South Shield too what High School did you go to" Perrie said pointing to her and Jade

"St.Peters High School" Sasha said

"I went to the same high school" Perrie said

"Wait I remember you Sasha you used to hang out with Evan and Bri" Perrie said

"Yes I remember you too" Sasha said

"So how are Evan and Bri" Perrie asked

"Well when you went to try out for X-Factor me and Evan started to date up till I gotten accepted to a collage here than I had to break up with him I wanted him to be happy and live his life he cant wait around for me and as for Bri shes doing good I haven't heard from her in a while" Sasha explained

"Aw I knew you too would get together sooner or later" Perrie said

"Well what about you I see you over magazines and you are engaged to Zayn Malik congrats" Sasha said

"Oh well about that girls I have something to tell you I just didn't know how to tell you" Perrie said

"What is it Pezz" I questioned

"Well Zayn called of the engagement and we broke up about 2 weeks ago I am sorry I didn't tell you girls sooner" Perrie said about to cry

"Aw Pezz don't cry he is not worth crying over if he cant see how amazing you are than that's his lost" Jade said comforting Perrie

"Yah Pezz don't cry we will finish talking about this later not here in public" I said

"I am sorry girls I would love to hang out and talk all day but I have to get back to my job" Sasha said looking at her phone it has already been 30 minutes wow time goes by fast when you are talking

"Wait Sasha" Perrie said getting up from her seat and walking over to Sasha

"Yes Perrie" Sasha said turning to Perrie

"If you love Evan than give him a call and try to get back together try to make it work I know long distance relationships suck because I have been in one before and now look at me just promise me that you at least try with Evan and Can I have you number" Perrie said

"I promise Perrie and here can I have your phone" Sasha said giving Perrie her phone to put her number in they exchange numbers

"Leigh thank you for asking me to come and hang out and talk with you girls because without you I would have never been able to meet up with Perrie again so thank you for the tip and the drink and for having me over and Perrie you can give the rest of the girls my number if they want it" Sasha said

"Your welcome Sasha" I said

"Sure I will" Perrie said

"Oh and can you guys sign my phone case and can I get a selfie with you guys before I go" Sasha said

"Sure it is alright with you girls" I asked they all nod their head

"Ok here I have sharpie right here" She said handing me the sharpie and her phone case without her phone in it I sign her case and then take a selfie with her the rest do the same

"Hey if the rest of the girls don't mind and you lets take a group selfie" I said

"Its right with me if it is alright with you girls" Sasha said

"Yes we are ok with it right" Jesy said the rest of the girl nodded we take the selfie it took us a few time to get all of us in the picture but we did it

"Goodbye girls I will text you sometime Perrie" Sasha said

"Goodbye Sasha" We all said at the same time

"Remember what I said Sasha let me know how it goes ok" Perrie said

"Ok  I will" Sasha said walking back to the counter I am so glad that we got to meet a mixer

~Back In The Car~

"Where to now girls" I said

"The park" They all said again together it is really started to get freaky

"Ok off the the park we go" I said driving to the park

~At The Park~

We all get out of the car and run over to the park and start playing on the swings

"Hey I am about to go get some ice cream you wanna come" Kathy said

"No I am good be careful" I said

"Ok I will be back" Kathy said running towards the Ice cream store

"Ok" I said still swinging but I am starting to get a little bit to high and I am scared of heights so I stop swinging and hold on really tight

Kathy's Pov

I arrived at the Ice Cream Shop and walk up to the counter

"How may I help you" A lady said she looked about 40 yrs old creepy I know

"Yes can I have 1 scope of cookies and cream please" I said

"Yes I will be right back" The lady said

"Here you go sweetheart that will be $2 dollars please

"Thank you" I said handing her $5 dollars

"Keep the change" I said turning around and heading out the door but just my luck I see Luke about to come in the Ice Cream Shop me and Luke haven't been getting along lately so we decided to take a break we didn't break up we just need time away from each other

"Kathy Can we talk" Luke said grabbing my free hand

"No I am not ready to talk to you" I said pulling my hand out of Luke grasp

"Please" He said

"No I said No" I said

"Please we have been away from each other for 2 weeks now I wanna talk" He said

"Well I am not ready to talk" I said turning in the direction of the park and start to walk but he just keeps following me so I walk across the street

"KATHY WATCH OU-he got cut off when a car hit me I fell to the ground dropping my Ice Cream in the process I start to get light headed like I was about to pass out the last thing I heard was "Kathy wake up stay with me someone call 911" than I black out.

Luke's Pov (Bet you didn't see this coming haha)

The ambulance came about 4 minutes later after Leigh called them right now we are inside the ambulance heading to the hospital this is all my fault if I would have let her go back to the park and not asked her to talk to me what happens if she died I wouldn't be able to live knowing that I was the cause of her death I love her more than life itself Luke stop thinking about the worst. We arrived at the hospital what seems like forever of being I just stay sitting where I am because they have to get Kathy out first when they do I get out of the ambulance and head towards the door to enter the hospital I see Leigh,Jade,Perrie,Emma,and Jesy sitting their in the waiting room I got over to them and sit down across them they are all crying I am about to cry and I don't wanna cry than I will think of bad things that can happen so I just pull out my phone and go on twitter I follow a few people. I put my phone away and look up to see Jade with tears coming down her eyes I stand up and give her a hug and whisper its going to be ok she will be fine she is a very strong girl Then I break the hug she than says

"Luke I saw what happened at the Ice Cream Shop and I just wanted to know why did you and Kathy take a break she told me you guys were taking a break but never why can you tell me why" Jade said

"Sit down I will tell you" I said she sat down next to me and I sat down in the my chair

"Well we got into a fight because I was out one night and hang out with a fan while me and the boys were at the bar and she had kissed me but I didn't kiss back I pulled away and got up and left and I told her the truth after I was sober but when I got home I was super drunk and Kathy didn't like that so she just put me to bed and she slept downstairs she took care of me the next day but later that day I got better and she wanted to talk to me so she basically said that we needed to take a break because she found out what happened at the club from the magazines even though I told her my side of the story she still didn't believe me so that happened and you know the rest about Ice Cream Shop but yah we have been on a break for a least 2 weeks now and all I wanted to do was talk it out and this is basically my fault because if I didn't ask her to talk none of this would've happened I am so sorry Jade" I explained to Jade and it seems like the other girls were listening to so I guess everyone knows now

"Its alright luke and that explains why she came home crying that day" Jade said my heart broke soon as she said that she came home crying that made me break down right there I didn't care if people were looking I couldn't keep on pretending I was ok when I really wasn't

"Luke don't cry its not your fault she will be ok" Jade said to me but I kept on crying I needed to let it all out and I did

~A Few Hours Later~

Jade's Pov

"Ms.Thirlwall" The doctor said

"Yes" I said

"We have some news on Kathy" The doctor said

"Ok can you tell us all" I said

"Yes if you would like that" The doctor said

"Yes please" I said

"Well when Kathy got hit her head hit the road pretty hard so she might have amnesia or only forget important things like birthdays,anniversarys,and basically important things that happened in her life if you guys want to try to get her to remember them then you guys will have to do things that will make her remember she is awake but I need everyone in the room to see if she remembers all of you so follow me" The doctor said we all follow the doctor to her room when we got there we all stepped in a line like the doctor told us to

"Ok Kathy I am going to test your memory so when I point to someone you say there name if you know it if you don't know it then say pass then we will try at the end again do you understand" The doctor explained to Kathy she said ok

Kathy's Pov

"Yes" I said

"Her" The doctor said pointing to a blonde haired girl

"Perrie she is my aunt" I said

"Her" The doctor said pointing to my mum

"Jade she is my mum" I said

"Her" The doctor said pointing to a brown haired girl

"Leigh she is also my aunt" I said

"Her" The doctor said pointing to a black haired girl

"Jesy she is also my aunt" I said

"Her" The doctor said pointing to a blue haired girl

"Emma she is my sister" I said

"Him" The doctor said pointing to a blonde haired boy with crystal blue eyes but they were filled with tears and hope I try really hard to know who he is someone tell me who he is

"I am so sorry but I don't know him who is he" I said as I said that I saw the blonde hair boys eyes tear up even more should I know who he is

"What do you mean you don't remember me" The blonde boy said coming up to me and grabbing my hand

"I am really sorry but I honestly don't remember who you are" I said to the blonde boy

"I am sorry girls but I have to go" The boy said kissing my forehead while saying goodbye Kathy

"Mum am I suppose to know who he is" I asked her

"Yes he is a important person in your life" She said

"Who is he" I asked

"Am I allowed to tell her doctor" My Mum asked

"Sure go ahead I don't know if she will remember who he is though" The doctor said

"He is your boyfriend you guys have been going out for I think it will be 4 years in a couple of months" She said I honestly feel bad now but damn I got lucky he is cute I hope I will be able to remember him

"I feel bad now does anyone have his number so I can call him I want him to come here and try to help me remember him" I said

"You have his number in your phone it is saved under Lukey" My mum said giving me my phone

I grab it and call him

(Conversation code- L-Luke, K-Kathy)

L-Hello Kathy
K-Hello is this Luke
K-I wanted to know if you wanna come down here right now and try to help me remember you
L-I would love to but I have band practice right now for our concert tonight but I can do it tomorrow if you want
K-Sure see you then
L-Bye Kathy I love you
K-Bye Luke

I hang up

"He is coming tomorrow because he has band practice for a concert tonight but can someone explain what happened from the day you met me till the crash please" I asked

"I will" My mum said she said sitting down

"It started 3 years ago..........


Auhtor's Note: THE CHAPTER IS FINALLY HERE IT IS A LONG CHAPTER!!!!!!! I had writers block for a minute and I am very sorry that I made Kathy get into crash and then her forgetting Luke but I needed something interesting to put in here and lets talk about Momma Leigh early in this chapter I made a playlist for the songs I listened to while writing this when it started getting to sad songs those were when I was writing the crash part I cried through it so yah this book is coming to a end I am only going to 35 or 40 chapters I enjoy writing this book a lot but its ending!

QOTC: I wanna know if you guys would like a squeal??? I will only do it if you comment so if I don't get a lot of people wanting the squeal so comment?!!!!!!!

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