♥Little Mix Adopted Me?♥

Their was this teenager girl named Emma and she has been sent to the orphanage because her mom had made a lot of bad choices and we all know that she wasn't getting the proper care she needed. Little mix wanted to adopted a teenaged girl who is funny,can take a joke,sing and so happens Emma can do all of them. Will she have to leave her BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD? Read to find out the the rest of the story to find out what happens next?


23. Chapter 23:Luke's Birthday

~~Luke's Pov
Today is my freaking 19th birthday I am so fucking excited today I am going to be spending it with Ashton,Michael,Calum,Niall,Harry,Louis,Zayn,And Liam till about 4pm then I am going to be spending the rest of the day with Kathy right now I am playing FIFA with Michael which I am clearly winning right now but Michael makes a goal which makes me mad long story short I ended up winning we were eating pizza now,I checked the time on my phone I realized I was about 20 minute late to picking up late

"Shit" I said getting up and running upstairs and getting my shoes and slipping them on then I ran to the bathroom checking my quiff (making sure it was on point or on fleek lol😂😂) it looked good as always I then I ran back downstairs by then I was tried but I didn't care,i went over to the counter and grabbed the keys

"Luke where are you going" Ashton asked

"I am late picking up Kathy 25 minutes late if you wanted to know" I said checking my phone realizing I had to go I grab another piece of pizza and said goodbye to the boys. I ran to my car trying to eat the pizza at the same time I opened the door to the car and started it up and started driving over to the girls house.I arrived at the girls house about 5 minutes later I got out the car and kinda speed walked up the door I looked at my reflection in the glass door to see my quiff was slightly messed up so I hurried up and got my comb out of my pocket and fixed it yah yah yah don't judge I carry a comb in my pocket for emergencies I then put it away and knocked on the door a couple seconds later the door opened to revel a girl she had light brown hair and her eyes were hazel she opened the glass door to let me in, I walk through the door and into the kitchen where I saw all the girls sitting at the table I greeted the girls they all said Happy Birthday and hugged me I said thank you I talked with them till Kathy came downstairs in the most beautiful sundress ever it was a multi-colored dress with little different colored flowers on it I stand up and go over to her and hug her I noticed she had something in her hand I told her not to get me anything for my birthday but clearly she didn't listen but I still love her though yeah I said love and yes I know it is a strong/powerful word but I truly do love her I can't control my feeling oh and I found out that girl that answered the door is named Nicole she is Perrie's Sister never knew Perrie had a sister but now I know apparently she came for Perrie's birthday

"Ready to go" I asked Kathy

"Yass bye girls and mum" She said waking over to the door I opened it for her she said thank you and we headed to the car I opened the door again for her she said thanks again I hopped in myself I started the car and started to drive somewhere

"Where are we going lukey" She said

"It's a surprise" I said

"Happy Birthday by the way"she said

"Thank you I would kiss you right now but I am driving" I said

"It's alright" she said

About 15 minutes later we arrived at our destination

"Your surprise place is the park are you serious Luke" she said

"Yes I wanna play" I said

"Oh before I forget here" she said handing me a wrapped gift I didn't even notice it probably because I was checking her out when she came down but hey she looks hot right now what can I say I opened it and it was a All Time Low band shirt and some wristbands and at a penguin

"Omg you got me a penguin I love you so much Kathy thank you so much" I said leaning over and kissing her and a couple seconds later I pull away

"Your welcome come on are we going to play or are we going to sit in the car all day" she said

"Look who is trying to be a kid again" I said getting out of the car she follows me

"As always tag your it" she said tagging me and running away from me

"I am gonna get you" I said running as fast as I can to catch her she is pretty fast

After about what felt like 5 minutes or more running around to catch Kathy I finally caught her i kinda tackled her but she is alright

"Caught yah" I said looking into her light blue eyes I know it is weird because we both have blue eyes but all well

"After about 5 minutes of running after me I thought you could be faster at catching me but nope I was wrong you are a slow poke" she said looking at me directly into my eyes

"Sorry for being out of breath" I said leaning down closer to her face she leaned in to next thing I know her lips were pressed against mine she kissed back I put my hands on her waist because i can't put my hands around because she is on the ground and I am on top of her she slowly raises her hands up and around my neck I wanna deepen the kiss but I realized that we are still I public I pull back so I didn't do anything else

"Uh......we should probably get up" I said

"Yah" she said I get up and help her up she brushes off her clothes and I do the same

"Tag your it now" I said running away from her to the playground

~2 Hours Later~

We are now in the car heading to the beach but I made sure I didn't tell her I know that it is my birthday but I wanna spend some time with Kathy because we really haven't hanged out lately because Little Mix just launched their own perfume they had to do photo shoots to go to they also have been working on the album in the studio we have been in the studio writing but not recording we have about  5 songs we are in the middle of writing and I know it sounds like a lot but it really isn't we only have a couple more verse left and we are done with one of the songs which we is coming out tomorrow

~At The Beach~

"Luke did you seriously bring me to the beach" Kathy said

"Yes I wanted to spend time with you because we haven't alone in like 2 weeks and I wanted to because it is my birthday and I wanted to spend time with my beautiful/amazing girlfriend ever now lets go into the water" I said

"But I don't have a swimsuit to wear" She said

"We can go in like this we will be dried by the time we get to your house I promise" I said

"Fine" She said

She takes off her flats and I do the same but I take of my black vans and my socks and setting them in my shoes and start running into the water with Kathy following me not to far behind I jump into the water and start to swim far I stop and turn around I expected Kathy to be right behind me but she wasn't she was over by the shore

"WHATS THE MATTER" I yelled to her



"I CAN'T SWIM" She yelled

"OK I AM COMING FOR YOU" I yelled to her

"FINE" She yelled I swim back to shore to get Kathy

"Get on my back I will hold you I promise" I said

"Ok don't drop me of I will kill got it hemmings" She said

"Got it Thirlwall" I said back making her roll her eyes before she jumped on my back making me fall forward into the water

"I didn't say jump" I said

"Sorry" She said

"It's alright now get back on" I said she gets back on my back I walk out to the middle of the ocean (Not really lol)

~At Kathy's House~

"I had a fantastic birthday thanks to you" I said

"Your welcome I will text you tomorrow when I wake up" She said opening the door to get out

"What I don't get a goodnight/birthday hug or kiss" I said

"Oh yah I forgot" She said giving me a hug then a kiss then leaving

Soon as she left I headed back to me and the lads flat

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