♥Little Mix Adopted Me?♥

Their was this teenager girl named Emma and she has been sent to the orphanage because her mom had made a lot of bad choices and we all know that she wasn't getting the proper care she needed. Little mix wanted to adopted a teenaged girl who is funny,can take a joke,sing and so happens Emma can do all of them. Will she have to leave her BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD? Read to find out the the rest of the story to find out what happens next?


22. Chapter 22:Ashton's Birthday

~~Emma's Pov
Today is Ashton's birthday Ashton wanted to take me somewhere today. I get dressed today I wear a black tank top with a black crop-top that's say "Dream" with my white ripped skinny jeans and my black and white vans, I had curled my hair today, today I only wore my rings I had about 3 on one of them were a Purple Heart with 2 tiny diamonds on both sides of the ring was from my 19th birthday from my mum and the girls then the other one it was a infinity ring that I got from the mall then the other one was from Ashton he gave it to me for our 1 year anniversary it was a similar to the girls gave me but it was a red heart and it had tiny diamonds going around the rim of the heart I remember the day like it was yesterday

"Ashton where are we going" I said

"I wanna take you somewhere special for our 1 year anniversary" He said

"You still didn't tell me where we were going though" I said

"It is a surprise" He said

"Ugh I hate surprises Ashton and you know that" I said

"I know that but this is a special day" He said

"Fine" I said

About 10 Minutes Later
"We arrived" He said

I looked up to see that we were at the beach it was a beautiful view we got out the car he tried to open my door for me but I beat him to it. We walked over to where he had a blanket and layout when we got there we lay down and look up at the stars we were silent till Ashton says

"Emma" He said

"Yah" I said

"I wanna give you something" He said

"Ok" I said

He got up and grabbed it from his pocket and sat back down with a blue velvet box he gave it to me and I opened it up to revealing a red heart and tiny diamonds that go around the rim it was beautiful

"Omg Ashton this is beautiful thank you I really like it" I said

"Your welcome I'm glad you like it" He said taking the ring out of the box and sliding it onto my right ring finger after that I kissed him and we lay back down and cuddled and looked at the stars for another 30 minutes


It was a magical evening and look at me and Ashton now we are stronger than ever it is perfect. I grab my phone and head downstairs to see all the girls in the kitchen eating lunch I go over to the dishwasher and grab a clean bowl I pour Captain Crunch and milk into the bowl and grab a spoon, I head over to the table to join my mum I sit down and said

"Good morning mum how are you?" I asked her

"Good what are you and Ashton doing today" she asked me

"Honesty I really don't know he just said he wanted to take me out he didn't mention where we were going" I said

"Oh did you get him anything" she asked

"Yes I got him some band shirts and new drumsticks and bandanas" I said

"He will love those you are a good girlfriend" my mum said

"Awww thanks mum I try my best" I said laughing a little

My phone buzzed I looked down to see it was a text from Ashton

Hey I am outside

Okay I am coming

I put my bowl in the sink and said goodbye to my mum and the girls,grab the present and head out the door. When I got to Ashton's car I got in and handed him his present he opened it and loved everything that was in it

"Hey Happy Birthday babe" I said giving him a kiss

"Thank you where do you wanna go we can either hang out at my place or we can go to the fair" He said

"Fair" I said

"Ok let's go" He said

He puts the car I drive and drives to the fair. We arrived at the fair there were only a little bit of people here so we won't get seen by fans we get out the car and walk

"Where to first" He said

"The twister" I replied

"Ok let's go" he said

The twister is this ride that you get twisted all around it is fun but I heard people get super sick on there. After the ride I felt really hungry guess the sick effect didn't effect me but it did Ashton a little bit

"Ashton can we get something to eat?" I asked

"Sure what would you like" he said

"Just some Nachos and a Pepsi" I said

"Ok go find somewhere to sit I will be back" he said

"Ok" I said I walked around till I found a spot I sat down, I pulled out my phone and texted Kathy to see what she is doing then I went on Instagram and liked a few photos but one that I like was my cousin (She is my real cousin by my real parents)she followed me I didn't know about her at all we contacted a few times but we haven't met in person. About 3 minutes later Ashton came back with our food I was hungry I started eating my Nachos like I haven't ate in like 2 days I look up to see Ashton looking at me

"Ashton why are you staring at me it is creeping me out" I said

"Sorry you look beautiful when you eat" he said

"Like I said that is creepy it sounded creepy and wrong all together" I said

"Sorry didn't mean it like that" He said

"It's alright" I said

"You wanna take a photo?" he asked all of the sudden

"Sure why not" I said Ashton pulled out his phone and took a picture of me and him he was doing something else on his phone, he put his phone down my phone buzzed in my back pocket I pull it out and see Ashton tagged me in a post I saw it was the picture he had just taken I look up to see he is eating i take a photo of him and post it on Instagram with the caption Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend I could ever have again happy birthday I will always love you,seconds later his phone buzzed he saw the photo and gave me a smile and leaned in and kissed me when he pulled back he said i love you too. With that we continue our day it was perfect we had had a few fans come up to us for a autograph and a picture we gladly gave them it but other than that it was magical.

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