♥Little Mix Adopted Me?♥

Their was this teenager girl named Emma and she has been sent to the orphanage because her mom had made a lot of bad choices and we all know that she wasn't getting the proper care she needed. Little mix wanted to adopted a teenaged girl who is funny,can take a joke,sing and so happens Emma can do all of them. Will she have to leave her BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD? Read to find out the the rest of the story to find out what happens next?


21. Chapter 21:Time Flies

Kathy's Pov
6 Months Later
We just got back from tour with One Direction and it was amazing Zayn and Perrie ended up going on a few dates and Zayn finally asked her to be his girlfriend she said yes of course and that was about 2 months into the tour so they have been am dating for 4 months already Harry and Jade Harry had asked out Jade she said yes but they only lasted 2 weeks then Jade and Harry decided that they weren't going to date anymore they still remained friends Emma and Ashton they are doing good Ashton told her that they will go out on a date when she get home and she said yes to that and her and Niall have became super close as best friends they don't like each other Me and Luke we are going strong we are friends I have became close to him we FaceTime and Skyped whenever we could or when we had time we texted at night but we were sometimes tired from our day though😔 but we still became close my feelings for Luke has grown as I got to know him actually we are going to see the 5SOS boys today Leigh,Jesy,and Me got our belly button pierced I have grown my bond with my mum I learned so much we usually go out ever Sunday out for pancakes and waffles I love my mum to death I am very blessed that I have her.

"Come Kathy its time to go see the boys" My mum said peaking into my room

"Coming" I said

I get out of bed grab my phone I put it into my back pocket of my jeans I put on my black converses I have on my black Textured Stripe Top with my black Highrise Supertube Knee Rips that I had gotten on tour I headed downstairs, I seen everybody putting their shoes on, after they were done we all hopped into the car Jesy drove this time.
"Girls are you excited" My mum asked
"Yes" Me and Emma said excitedly
We arrived at the boys house the good thing is that they don't know we're here they think we are coming back tomorrow so We will surprise them, we get out the car and slowly trying not to make any noise we opened the door quietly and we close it quietly all the boys are on the couch sleeping except Michael and Calum he see us and come over excitedly
"Quiet down we want to surprise you guys" I said
"Ok go over there and jump on them" He said
"Ok Emma you got Ashton and I got Luke" I said
But first we gave Michael and Calum a hug I asked them why were they the only ones up they said because they were playing FIFA after that me and Emma went over to Ashton and Luke
"1................2....................3" I said
Me and Emma jump onto Luke and Ashton
"Ahhhhhhhhhh" They both say jumping as we jumped on them
"Kathy" Luke said after that I heard Ashton say the same thing but with Emma's name
Luke looks down to how I am positioned I blushed and got off of him he got up and hugged me we stayed like that for what felt like hours he finally lets go I pulled back so does he we look into each other's eyes his eyes are so blue they are like ocean blue no crystal blue no maybe they are ocean blue or maybe sea blue wait ocean and sea blue are the same thing i got snapped back into reality when someone cleared their throats we pull back I saw that me and Luke's faces were really close to each other I turned my head to see everybody staring at us I blushed and turned my head so nobody can see me.
"Kathy do you wanna go out for Ice Cream?" Luke asked me
"Let me asked" I said
"Can I, I know we just got back but can I go" I asked my mum
"Sure be safe Luke make sure she stays safe for me" my mum said
"I will I promise" Luke said
"Ok I love you" my my said
"I love you too" I said

I gave my mum a hug before me and Luke left the house we took his car

"Kathy can I tell you something" Luke said

"Sure" I said

"You look very beautiful today did I tell you that" He said

"Oh really you don't look bad yourself Mr.Hemmings" I said

"Oh calling people by their last names huh Ms.Thirlwall" He said

"Yep" I said chuckling a little because of this converstation

"Can I asked you something now" He said

"Sure" I said

"Do you wanna go on a date with me" He said

"Nah I'm good" I said

"Oh sorry I asked just forget that happened" He said

"I'm kidding Luke I would love to" I said

"Oh I really thought you said no I was sad wanna consider this a date then" He said/Asked

"Sure" I said

"It's official this is our first date omg I can't believe I am going out with the Kathy Thirlwall it's been my dream" He said laughing a little bit

"Omg you are so dorky Mr.Hemmings and I didn't know you dreamed about me when you slept" I said laughing with him

"Omg we are so weird" He said

"No you are weird" I said

"No I am not we are here" He said

We get out the car to go into the Ice Cream Shop

"What flavor you want" Luke asked

"Cookies and cream please" I said

"Ok go find us a seat" He said

Emma's Pov
Me and Ashton are currently walking along side the beach line it is so nice and relaxing
"Emma" Ashton said he stopped and turned around to face me

"Yes" I said

"I really like you and I have liked you since we met you are a sweet and very beautiful girl and your personality it is so sweet and caring and I know this might seem fast but I just wanna call you mine will you do the honors of becoming my girlfriend Emma Nelson" Ashton said

"I really like you too Ashton and Yes I will be your girlfriend" I said he pressed his lips to mine and kissed me passionately I immediately kissed back i pulled back

"We have to head back it is staring to get late" I said

"Yah lets go" He said on our way back to the car he intertwined our hands I smiled and looked down and blushed too

When we got back to the house we told everybody that we were official and they were very happy for us.

3 Years Later

Me and Ashton have been together for 3 years it's has been hard through the cheating rumor, Luke and Kathy made it official about 2 months later after me and Ashton got together they are going strong too through the cheating rumors and the fans hating on Kathy but she is a tough girl, Jesy (my mum) found a boyfriend his name is Jake Roche he is from Rixton he is really sweet and treats my my right and she is really happy, Jade is still single, Perrie and Zayn got engaged in 2013 they don't know when they are going to get married though Zayn quit One Direction he is still speaking to the boys he just couldn't handle the fame he wanted to spend more time with Perrie which is cute, Leigh has a boyfriend his name is Jordan He is really sweet he makes her happy as well, we have released our album Salute and Black Magic we just released our perfume it is called Gold Magic a new album is coming out soon me and Niall are still super close to each other he is always there for me and I appreciate that he is my best friend and that's basically all that has happened in the past 3 years.

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