♥Little Mix Adopted Me?♥

Their was this teenager girl named Emma and she has been sent to the orphanage because her mom had made a lot of bad choices and we all know that she wasn't getting the proper care she needed. Little mix wanted to adopted a teenaged girl who is funny,can take a joke,sing and so happens Emma can do all of them. Will she have to leave her BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD? Read to find out the the rest of the story to find out what happens next?


20. Chapter 20:The Concert

~~The Next Day

Leigh-Anne's Pov
It is about 4pm right now we have to go to sound-check in a little bit. We just finished watching The Duff ( A/N:I haven't seen the movie yet, Is it good?)

"Girls do you guys wanna go out for Ice Cream?" I asked

"Sure should we ask the boys if they wanna come to" Emma said

"Yah I am pretty sure they would want to come" Perrie said

"BOYS" I yelled

"WHAT" Someone yelled it sounded like Louis


"COMING" Someone yelled again that time it sounded like Zayn

The boys come downstairs like their wild animals

"What" Louis said

"Don't what me unless you don't wanna go get Ice Cream with us" I said

"No No No I am sorry can we still go with you" Louis said

"I guess you guys can still come" I said

"Yayyy" Louis said jumping up and down

"Idiot" I mumbled under my breath

"Come on we have to go to sound-check in a little bit" I said

We all got into the car I was driving of course I always get stuck with driving. I drive over to 7apples Gelato that is our favorite place for Ice Cream in Melbourne. We arrive to 7apples Gelato, we all get out the car and walk in hoping not to get noticed by fans the others tell me what they want while they go find somewhere to sit I go up to the counter and order

"Hello how may I help you" The lady asked she looked about 30 years or older

"Yes can I have 11 medium cup French Vanilla & Cookies and Cream please" I said

"Ok I will be right back" She said

A couple minutes later the lady came back with 5 cups of Ice Cream I waited for the other ones they soon came a couple seconds later I couldn't carry all these I paid her and called Jade over here

"Jade" I yelled a little bit to loud because some people gave me strange looks

Jade came over and helped me with the Ice Cream when we got to the table we gave everybody their Ice Cream everybody started eating it but I saw Perrie being weird she was taking a picture of her Ice Cream and posting it onto Instagram. After we are done eating our Ice Cream, I drove to Spencer Outlet Center we got out of the car I was hoping we don't get mobbed by fans I just want to be able to go to the store and not get mobbed we walked into the store

"Where should we go first?" I asked

"Lets go to Dotti that has always been my favorite store" Jesy said

"Ok to Dotti we go" I said

We all walk to Dotti when we get there it really wasn't that packed there was only a few people here in the center today (Don't know if that makes sense but you know what I mean right?) Soon as we entered the store everybody went their own way Emma was the only one who didn't go anywhere so I decided to go check out everything with her

"Hey Emma you wanna go look around with me" I asked

"Sure where do you wanna go first" She said

"How about clothes?" I asked

"Sure" She said

Emma's Pov

We walked over to were the clothes were I saw this really cute shirt I looked at the tag it was a Textured Stripe Top it was $30 dollars I grabbed it and went over to the pants and found these really nice pair of pants they will go with my shirt I looked at the tag they were Highrise Supertube Knee Rips they were black btw they were $60 dollars I grabbed them and went over to the counter to pay for the things I have. The lady rang them up and said that the total was $90 I swiped my credit card and put in my pin.

~Skip To Soundcheck~

We are currently singing Change Your Life then we are going to do a mash-up of DNA and Rock Me and then we have to go get ready for the concert. We just finished with the mash-up and I am currently putting on my clothes after I am done getting ready I head over to the Make-Up person we talked the whole time I found out that her name is Lou and she has a daughter named Lux she showed me a picture of her she is super cute

"You are ready you wanna look at it" Lou asked

"Sure" I said

I looked into the mirror in front of me I looked amazing she did a fantastic job

"It's amazing Lou thank you I will see you after the show I think" I said leaving I heard her say goodbye I walk out to find the rest of the girls they were in the same out fits but their Make-Up was the same but also different if that made sense the boys were performing there songs first

"You guys are on in 2 minutes so get ready" Our manger said

"Ok girls we are singing Change Your Life,Move,Wings,DNA,Pretend Its Ok,Red Planet,Madhouse,Word Up,Going Nowhere,Love Drunk,Little Me then the boys are going to come onto stage and we are going to do the mash-up of DNA and Rock Me that will be our final song sounds ok" Jesy said she like the mother of the group even though she is my mother but she is like a mother to the other because she is older and I think more responsible and plans things like this out

"Ok" We all said

"Girls it's show time" Our manger said

We grabbed our microphone I grabbed my glittery purple microphone while the others grabbed there colors all of our were glittery,the music to change your life came on and Leigh started singing as we walk out onto stage. After we finished that song we sang the others the. We just finished our last song with the boys it was amazing everybody was sad that we had to leave there was also confetti at the end which was surprising I didn't know we planned that. We all got off the stage after we all said goodbye. I head over to the dressing room and change I put on my grey sweatpants with my "My Bed Is My Happy Place" it was black with white lettering and slip on my converse I grabbed my clothes and stuffed them into my bag and head out to meet the other girls they are taking picture with fans I wished that I had better clothes on I walk over and just awkwardly stand there till a fan came up to me

"Hey Emma can I have a picture please" She asked nicely

"Sure sorry for my clothes I didn't know we were meeting fans" I said

"It's alright" she said

We decided on posed with silly faces then we posed with serious faces which made us laugh afterwards and n signed her phone cases and Little Mix album before I got adopted I said goodbye and signed a couple other things and took a couple more photos with fans. After the fans left the girls went to get dressed I decided to go head back to the house when I get there I go get my laptop and go onto Skype I clicked Ashton's name it rang a couple times before he answered his face popped onto the screen making me jump a little

(A-Ashton, E-Emma)
A-Hey Emma what are you doing
E-Nothing just came back from a concert how about you
A-Nothing I was watching a movie with the guys but I wasn't paying attention to it anyways
E-Oh how have you and the guys been
A-I'm doing good the boys are still being the boys but they are good
E-That's good
Ashton was just about to say something but the girls came into the house

"Hey Emma why did you leave us" Perrie said

"Because I wanted to talk to Ashton say hi" I said

"Hi Ashton" They girls said coming over to my laptop and soon enough the boys joined Ashton too we all talked for a while then we had to go it was time to go to bed. I washed my face so I could get the Make-Up off of me, after I washed my face I said goodnight to everyone and headed off to bed I played on my phone till I felt I was getting sleepier I put my phone on the charger and found myself falling into a deep sleep.

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