♥Little Mix Adopted Me?♥

Their was this teenager girl named Emma and she has been sent to the orphanage because her mom had made a lot of bad choices and we all know that she wasn't getting the proper care she needed. Little mix wanted to adopted a teenaged girl who is funny,can take a joke,sing and so happens Emma can do all of them. Will she have to leave her BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD? Read to find out the the rest of the story to find out what happens next?


19. Chapter 19:Interviews

~~The Next Day

Emma's Pov
Today we had 2 interviews today one was at BBC Radio Station and the other one was at Bridge FM we have to leave at 9:00am it is currently 7:30am. I get out of bed and went over to my suitcases and grabbed my black with white polka dots dress and my underwear and bra, I walk into the bathroom and turned on the shower and I slipped off my clothes and got into the shower.

~After The Shower~

I hopped out the shower and put on my clothes. I walk over to the mirror, I grabbed my brush and brushed out my hair I decided to leave it down today. I grabbed my mascara and put it on. After that I grabbed my bright red lipstick and put it on. I went over to the suitcase that had my jewelry, I opened it up and grabbed some bracelets, rings, and I put my black bow earrings in I put my diamond into my cartilage. After that I went over to the suitcase that had my shoes in it I looked in their for my black high heels I swear I made sure I put them in here when we left for the tour, after about 2 minutes of searching in all my suitcases I gave up I didn't pack them. I went to my mums room I knocked on her door

"Come in" She said I opened the door to see her doing her hair in the bathroom

"Mum can I wear your black heels I left mine at home?" I asked

"Of course I don't know if you will fit them I have small feet" She said

"Thank you I think we wear the same size" I said

I go over to her suitcase with her heels/shoes in them I search for them I eventually found them I slipped them on they fit perfectly. I stand up I wobble a little bit because I haven't worn heels in a while I hope I don't fall, I walk to the bathroom where my mom was at

"So how do I look" I said she turned around and looked at what I have on

"You look beautiful" She said

"Thank you, you do too" I said

" Your welcome and thank you" She said

"Your welcome I will see you in a minute" I said walking out the room as I was I heard my mum say ok I walked back to my room and I grabbed my phone from in the bathroom.

I sat down on my bed and decided to go on Instagram I saw that I had about 50 new followers and 20 people tagged me into a photo and too many comment I got up and went over to the mirror that shows my whole body and decided to take a picture I posted it up on Instagram I put the caption Ready to go to the interviews today so excited I posted the picture I saw that I already had about 50 likes and about 30 comment I read the comments I saw a lot of nice comments I followed a couple people then I went back to reading some of the comments I saw a couple of people writing mean things and that made me sad so i exited out of the app. I walked downstairs to see everybody sitting at the table in the kitchen they all had dresses on today looks like we all match but they weren't the same ones they were different. I am still very sad I don't understand why people don't like me I didn't do anything to them to make them hate me

"Girls it is time to go" Jesy said while standing up we all got up with her and we hopped into the car and we were off to the first interview

At The Interview At BBC Radio

"Hello everybody I am here with Little Mix" The interviewer said

"Hello Mixers" We all said together

"So girls how is the tour going with One Direction?" The Interviewer asked

"Good actually I am very surprised that they haven't did any pranks on us yet they really surprised us" Jesy said

"You better hope they don't do it at all because with Louis they can come up with some pretty good ideas" The Interviewer said

"Yah lets hope not" Perrie said

"So I have a question for Emma because a lot people are curious and it is blowing up Twitter" The Interviewer asked I stiffed up I have no idea what he is going to ask

"Ok" I said

"I wanna know and so does millions of mixers and other people are you dating Luke Hemmings" The Interviewer said/asked

"No we are just good friends that's all" I said

"Ok glad to clear that up" The Interviewer said

It felt like the interview went on for hours but it only lasted about 1 hour we headed off to the other interview

At The Interview At Bridge FM

"Hello everyone I am hear with the beautiful and talented Little Mix" The Interviewer said

"Hello" We all said together

"So I have to ask you guys is there going to be a new album coming out soon" The Interviewer said

"Yes it is coming out November 8 of this year" Perrie said

"Are you guys excited?" The Interviewer asked

"Yes this is our second album I can't wait for mixers to hear it we hope they are going to like it" Leigh said

"So I have to ask but who is single in Little Mix"? The Interviewer asked

"Everybody in the band is single" Jade said

The interview went on for another 1 hour then we gave hugs and left. As we headed home I had gotten a text from Ashton it said

Hey wyd

Nothing much just got out from 2 interviews hbu

Nothing trying to stop Michael from killing Calum

Why what Calum do now

He changed his hair dye from pink to blue


Yah but I gotta go before he really does hurt him text you later

After that I stopped texting him and I realized that we were back at the house. We all got out the car and headed into the house. I went up to my room to take off my dress and my heels I put on my blue sweatpants and the shirt that I got for my birthday it was a white shirts that says Ready To Woo The World, I went downstairs and headed over to the kitchen I was pretty hungry I searched the cabinets to see some cookies I grabbed some of them and headed back upstairs I ate the cookies. I grabbed my mums heels and took them back to her room I made sure I knocked before going in she wasn't in there so I just opened it and put them back inside her suitcase then I walked back into my room I lied down on my bed and I found myself slowly falling asleep and it was only 2pm I couldn't keep them open anymore I closed them and fell asleep.

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