♥Little Mix Adopted Me?♥

Their was this teenager girl named Emma and she has been sent to the orphanage because her mom had made a lot of bad choices and we all know that she wasn't getting the proper care she needed. Little mix wanted to adopted a teenaged girl who is funny,can take a joke,sing and so happens Emma can do all of them. Will she have to leave her BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD? Read to find out the the rest of the story to find out what happens next?


17. Chapter 17:Packing/Hanging Out


I woke up the next morning and hopped into the shower I washed up I grabbed the towel and wrapped myself up in it and headed out of my room and over to my closet, I grabbed my underwear and bra put them on then I grabbed my blue and white tank-top and my peach skinny jeans I slipped then on then I went over to the shoe section in the closet and grabbed my white sandals I slipped them on I went back to the bathroom I pugged my curling iron in and grabbed my make-up I put on my mascara with light eye shadow my curling iron beeped I grabbed my brush and brushed out my hair after that I picked up my curling iron and I curled my hair after that I unplugged the curling iron put it on my vanity. I grabbed my phone and headed out of my room and downstairs to see Kathy sitting there on her phone with coffee cup in her hand I go to get some coffee and I sit next to her

"Hey you know where they girls went" I said

"Yah they left a note they left this morning" Kathy said passing me the note

Dear Girls,

Me and the girls went a few places for a little while we will be back in time for dinner and don't forget to pack for Australia because we leave tomorrow morning behave let one of us know if you guys are going to leave the house we don't wanna be scared that something happened to you girls. See you later

Jadey, Jes, Leigh, and Pezz xx

"Did you start to pack yet" I asked Kathy

"No I just woke up I was going to do it after I finished my coffee" Kathy said

"Ok well I am going to go upstairs to start packing see you later" I said standing up

"Ok see you later" She said going back onto her phone

I put my glass into the sink and walked back upstairs I hooked my phone up to my speaker to put on some music I put shuffle mode on it played Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding I locked my screen. I went over to my bed and grabbed my suitcase from under my bed I set it on my bed, I went over to my closet and started grabbing my shirts and bras I put them inside but I picked out my pinkish mickey mouse tank-top and my light pink bra for tomorrow then I went back to my closet and grabbed my shorts/pants and underwear I put them into the other suitcase but I made sure I grabbed my underwear and black shorts for tomorrow after that I went to the other side of my closet and grabbed my few pairs of my vans/converses I only had about 7 pairs of shoes with me I made sure to keep out my black vans out I put the rest of them in a new suitcase which also had my make-up, curling iron, earring, jewelry, and other things I had no reason to carry around with me. I finally finished packing my stuff I put all the suitcases on the floor by my door, I went over to my speaker to unplugged my phone I had 1 text and that was from Ashton I unlocked my phone and read the text


Hey I wanted to know of you were able to hang out today because you are leaving tomorrow it is alright if you couldn't today I understand because you have a lot to do just let me know


I reply back with

To: Ashton☺

I would love to have out with you today I just finished packing up.What time do you want to hang out?


I instantly got a reply back


OK can I pick you up now if that's OK



Yah let me tell my mom and Kathy let me know when you are here



OK be there in about 20 minutes


I walked to Kathy's room to see her packing her clothes and stuff like that

"Kathy I am going to go hang out with Ashton text me if you need anything" I said

"OK have fun" she said

"I will you too" I said with that I left her room

I went to my room and grabbed my phone and texted my mom


Mom is it alright if I go hang out with Ashton


She replied instantly


Did you pack already?Sure go ahead be back around 6:30 pm because we have to get sleep for the plane ride tomorrow have fun

P.S. Not to much fun lol see you later



Thank you see you later Kathy is in her room packing for tomorrow and yes I did finish packing my stuff for tomorrow love you see you later

P.S. we won't trust me


10 minutes later

I got a text from Ashton saying he was outside I said but to Kathy and headed out the door to see Ashton in his car I walk over to the car and opened the door and got in after I closed the door he drove off

"So where are we going?" I asked

"We are going to go back to the house to hang out is that alright the boys are there though" He said

"No that's fine I am cool with that" I said

Throughout the car ride it as silent we finally arrived at their house we got out the car, we got inside the house I saw all the boys playing fifa on the x-box except Luke he was on his phone all well

"I am going out for a little bit I will be back in a while" Luke said getting up

"Where you going mate" Ashton asked

"To go hang out with someone" Luke said

"Who?" Michael asked

"Kathy now if you don't mind she is waiting for me see you guys later" Luke said leaving

"Ok can I play fifa with you guys" I asked

"Do you know how to play?" Michael said

"Yes it doesn't look that hard" I said

"It is kinda hard but you can try to play" Michael said


Luke is coming over right now and I just finished packing I have no idea what we are going to do I hope I don't say things embarrassing because I really like Luke but I am not sure he likes me though. Ashton seems to like Emma and I know for a fact that Emma likes Ashton but I don't know if she know that he likes her or not but I just hope that he doesn't break her heart if he does I am going to snap because Emma is just sensitive and she take some things seriously which is probably meant to be a joke but she has gotten better at it though she doesn't take to many things seriously anymore I have been helping her though. The doorbell rang I got up off my bed and headed down the stairs I opened the door I look up to see a tall blonde boy at my door I know it is Luke

"Come in" I said opening the door a lot wider then it was before

He comes in, I closed the door and I see him sitting on the couch already so I go over to the couch and sit down their was a awkward silence so I broke the silence by saying

"What do you wanna do?" I asked him

"I don't know whatever you wanna do" He said

"Well we can play 10 questions to get to know each other you wanna do that?" I asked

"Ok you go first" He said

"Ok what is your full name?" I asked

"Luke Robert Hemmings You?" He asked

"Kathy Leila Thirlwall Favorite animal?" I asked

"Penguin Favorite color?" He asked

"Blue you?" I asked

"Same what do you do on in your freetime?" He asked

"I either hang out with Emma or any of the girls or on Twitter/Instagram you?" I asked

"Play fifa, hang out with boys, play my guitar, write down ideas for song, or on Instagram/ Twitter Favorite food?" He asked

"Pizza you?" I asked

"Same are you a procrastinate a lot or at all?" He said

"yes all the time you?" I asked

"Same Are we still going to stay friends when you go finish tour?" He asked

"Yes don't you guys live near us?" I asked

"Oh yah I forgot" He said

"Do you wanna do something else I am getting bored" I said

"Yah what do you wanna do" He said

"You wanna watch tv" I asked

"Sure" He said

I get up and start looking for the remote I couldn't find it and you need the remote to watch tv I know it is stupid looks like we aren't going to watch tv

"I can't find the remote looks like we have to do something else how about we bake brownies because I am hungry" I said

"Ok Do you have the ingredients to make it?" He said

"Let me check" I said

iI go to the kitchen and look for the ingredients we only have eggs looks like we are going to the store

"LUKE" I yell

"Yah" He said coming into the kitchen

"We have to go to the store to get oil and milk" I said

"OK" He said

"Let's go" I said

II grabbed my phone and keys to the house off the table in the living room and I headed out the door making sure to lock it

"Are we going to take my car or are we going to walk" He asked

"Let's walk it is good to walk" I said

"Ok" He said

We walk to the store which is only like 5 minutes away from where we are staying we get to the store I go to get the milk and oil I thought Luke was following me but when I turned around he wasn't their where could he be at I walk around the store for like 2 minutes trying to find him, that's when I finally found him he was in the candy isle I walk over to him to see him with about 5 bags of candy

"Come on why do you need that much candy anyways" I asked him

"Who said I was going to be the only one eating it" He said

"Oh then who else is going to help you eat all that candy" I said

"You" He said in a 'duh' tone

"Oh lets go we need to go home and bake some brownies" I said

We walk to the check out line we are lucky because nobody is there we ring everything up and pay then we start to head home


We finally arrive home I unlock the door and set the bags on the counter after that I closed the door I got out the stuff that was in the bag and the brownie box from the cabinet I grabbed a big bowl while Luke grabbed the mixer (GET IT)

I poured the batter into the bowl I grabbed the box and read that we have to set the oven to 350

"Luke set the oven for 350" I said

"Ok" He said

I continued to read you have to put all the ingredients inside the bowl and mix it I put all the items inside the bowl

'"Luke stop eating the candy and come over here and help me" I said

"Ok i'm coming you want some candy" He said getting up

" No I will have some later" I said

"Ok so what do I have to do" He said

"Mix this together please?" I asked him

"Ok" He said

After he was finished mixing the batter I poured it into the pan and slit it into the oven i walked to the counter and set my phone for 15 minutes,I walked over to the table,I sat down and went to grabbed a piece of chocolate but Luke went to grab the same piece so our hands touched there was a tingle inside my hand I quickly pulled back my hand along with the chocolate

"Hey I was gonna eat that" He said

"All well I got it first" I said

"No you didn't you just grabbed it out of my hands now give me the chocolate" He said

"And if I don't what are you going to do about it" I said

"You better start running because I am going to get you" Luke said getting up so did I, I ran to the living room which was a bad idea because I didn't have nowhere else to go I looked up to see Luke standing there in the frame that separates the kitchen from the living room

"Stay right there or else I will eat this piece of chocolate" I said

"Can't we just split the chocolate" He said

"I guess" I said

I open up the piece of chocolate and split it in half

"What piece do you want" I said holding out both pieces so he can get his

"Both" He said grabbing both pieces and eating them

"Hey that was the last piece of chocolate left" I said folding my arms and pouting

"Sorry I will buy you another one ok" He said lifting up my head so I am looking at him

"Ok" I said

We just stand there staring at each other his eyes are so blue and his hair I look back into his eyes he looks at my lips then back to my eyes before I knew it he was leaning in and what surprised me myself that I started leaning in myself we were so close but then my alarm telling me that I have to get the brownies out of the oven we both pull back ughhhh I hate the alarm I move passed Luke I go to the counter and turn off the alarm and grabbed the mitten from beside it I go over to the oven opened it and grabbed the brownies after that I put the brownies on the counter to cool down and grabbed my phone. After I set the brownies down I go sit down at the table I look up to see Luke on his phone I go on my phone as well I got onto twitter I decided to post a tweet

@KathyThirlwall_Edwards_Nelson_Pinnock_1997 Baking brownies with @Luke5SOS Can't wait to eat them

Kathy xx

Tweet sent

I heard Lukes phone buzz I am guessing he got my tweet seconds later my phone buzz it was Luke tweeting back to me

@Luke5SOS @KathyThirlwall_Edwards_Nelson_Pinnock_1997 Are the brownies done yet? They better be good to lol

I get up and check to see if the brownies are done cooling, they are done so I go grab a knife from the dishwasher and start cutting the brownies in squares after I was done I put the knife in the sink

"Do you want some brownies?" I asked Luke

"Yah" He said back

"How many do you want?" I asked again

"2" He said

"Ok" I said

I grab 2 plates and put 2 on each plate after that I went back to the table I gave Luke his

"Thank you" He said

"Your welcome" I said

There was a awkward silence I don't understand why he is being so silent we were just talking before we almost kissed its not like we kissed we almost did that's when I spoke up I wanted to ask him why

"Why is it so awkward now its not like we kissed Luke" I said

"its not that" He said

"Oh well what do you wanna do now" I said

"Do you wanna watch a movie" He said

"Can't remember don't know where the remote is" I said

"Do you have a laptop?" He asked

"Yes but I left it at our real flat" I said

"Oh" He said

"But I think Emma has hers let me go check" I said

"Ok" He said

I ran upstairs I found her room I looked in her suitcase that she usually keeps here electronics in I found her imac I grabbed it, I ran back downstairs to see Luke sitting on the couch on his phone

"I found Emma's" I said

"Ok What movie do you wanna watch" He said

"I don't know we will see" I said

I open the laptop and turn it on it takes about 30 seconds to start up I type in her password it was easy it was our birthday, after it was done logging me in I went to this one site were you can watch movies for free

"What movie do you wanna watch?" I asked Luke

"What about Mean Girls that's my favorite movie" He said

I look up Mean Girls, it comes up with Mean Girls and Mean Girls 2 I press Mean Girls I put it to full screen but I quickly pause it so I can go and get a blanket I grab my Disney princess blanket, I go back downstairs and cover me up with it

"Hey I don't get any covers" Luke said

"Fine I guess I can share" I said covering him up to

I grab the laptop from next to me and set it down on my lap I unpause it, I felt Luke put his arm around my shoulder I just continue watching the movie. About half way into the movie I fell asleep.


I woke up with Jade,Perrie,Jesy,Kathy,and Leigh-anne sitting there with their phones out taking pictures my only thought was why were they taking pictures of me that's when I felt breathing on my head I looked up to see Luke sleeping apparently he fell asleep too during the movie

"Luke wake up" I said shaking him to wake up

"Luke" I said shaking him more

"Ughhhh Leave me along Calum" He said

"Ummm I am not Calum sorry" I said

That's when he opened his eyes when he saw it was me he got up and said sorry he walked to the kitchen and grabbed his phone he looked at and said

"It's 11 I better get going you need to get some sleep for tomorrow" He said

"Ok are you going to be there at the airport tomorrow" I said getting off the couch to walk him out

"If you want me to be there" He said

"Yes because I pretty sure that Ashton is going to be there and probably the rest of the boys " I said

"Ok then I will see you tomorrow" He said opening the door to leave

"Ok see you tomorrow" I said giving him a hug before he left

I closed the door and lock it, I walked back into the house to see all the girls sitting at the table staring at me with a huge smile plastered on their faces it was started to creep me out

"What" I said confused

"You like him I know you do" Perrie said coming right to the point

I don't know if I do like Luke or not he seem nice and he is freaking cute but I hadn't know him long enough to like like like him but I guess I like like him because we did almost kiss today I am still m- I got cut off by perrie

"Hello Kathy" Perrie said waving her hand in front of my face

"Huh" I said confused

"I said you like him don't you" She said

"Yeah kinda" I said then looking down because I was embarrassed

"Aww my baby is growing up to fast" Jade said getting up from her seat and hugging me

"Mummmm" I said

"I am sorry Kathy it's just my baby is growi-wait did you just call me mum" Jade said

"Yes" I said

"Awww I love you Kathy" Jade said

"I love you too mum" I said

"Tell us everything that happened today" Leigh-anne said

"You want to know everything" I said scarred to tell them about the almost kiss

"Yes is that alright" Leigh said

"No that's alright" I said

"Ok then we will go to bed" Jesy said

"Ok so Emma left, I went to go back when I got done packing I looked at my phone and Luke texted me saying hey we texted till I asked him if he was able to come over he said yes so he came over we had nothing to do so we tried to watch tv but we couldn't find the remote, I was hungry and wanted to bake brownies but we didn't have the ingredients for the brownies so we walked to the store I went to get the stuff I looked back to see Luke wasn't behind me so I searched for him I ended up finding him in the candy isle with a lot of candy we brought the stuff and walked back,when we got back from getting the stuff I started making it he preheated the over and mixed the stuff together because I couldn't it was too hard I was getting tried quick after that I put the brownies in the oven and I sat down he was eating all the candy so I went to grab a piece of chocolate and his hand touched mine and I would be lying if I said that I didn't get a tingle in my hand when he touched it I pulled back with the chocolate he said he was about to eat that i said all well I got it first he said you better start running so I did but I made a stupid mistake by going into the living room so I was trapped but he was at the frame of the kitchen and living room I said stay there or else I will eat this piece of chocolate he said can we just split the chocolate I said I guess being the nice one I split the chocolate in half and hold out both of them to ask which one he wanted and him being the mean and said both and took both of them and eating them I told him hey that was the last piece and he said sorry he was going to get me another one and I said ok but then we just stayed where we were, we were both looking into each others eyes his eyes were so blue getting back to the story he ended up leaning in and so did I and we were about to kiss when the alarm for the brownies when off we move back and I go to get the brownies, after that it was really awkward but its not like anything happened so I told him that and we ended up eating brownies and using Emma's laptop to watch a movie since we still couldn't find the remote we watched mean girls but I guess I fell asleep in the middle of the movie and I don't know when he fell asleep and that's when I woke up to you guys" I explained to them

"Aww my baby almost kissed a boy" Jade said while the others looked shocked at my day with Luke

"Mummm" I said again

"Ok well lets go to bed because we have a long flight tomorrow" Jesy said

"Oh by the way Luke is going to come to the airport with us is that ok" I asked

"Yah all the boys are coming tomorrow" Perrie said

I walked upstairs and put on my pj's, I got into bed put my phone on the charger and shortly I fell asleep

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