♥Little Mix Adopted Me?♥

Their was this teenager girl named Emma and she has been sent to the orphanage because her mom had made a lot of bad choices and we all know that she wasn't getting the proper care she needed. Little mix wanted to adopted a teenaged girl who is funny,can take a joke,sing and so happens Emma can do all of them. Will she have to leave her BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD? Read to find out the the rest of the story to find out what happens next?


15. Chapter 15:The Party




We are here

Eleanor xx

I got a text back



Leigh xx

We got out the car and walked up to the door

check out her books they are amazing like incredible


We arrived at the house and all the lights were off in the house

maybe they just went out for a little while I thought to myself Eleanor went to open the door

"It's locked any of you guys got a key" Eleanor said

"I do" Emma said

She grabbed the key out of her pocket and opened the door Eleanor and Danielle let me go next then they came in me and Emma went into the living room Emma found the light switch and turned on the light when she did the girls along with other people came out of nowhere and yelled

"SURPIRSE" They yelled

Me and Emma both ran over to the girls

"Thank you" Me and Emma said

"Your welcome" The girls said


"Did he have any drinks yet" Eleanor said

"No we told him her had to wait until you guys came" Perrie said

"Ok good because he yells a lot when he does get drunk" Eleanor said

"Oh" Perrie said

I looked at Emma she was on the couch looking at something so I went over to her

"Hey are you alright" I asked still trying to figure out what she was looking at

"Yah why are you asking not to sound rude" She said turning her head to look at me

"Because I was over there were Perrie and Eleanor were and I saw you daydreaming or looking at someone or something" I said

"Oh I didn't know I was staring at him that long" She said but her eye widened at what she just said

"So you were staring at a boy huh" I said

"No" She lied

"Yah huh you just said it yourself" I said

"Fine you caught me alright" She said

"Who was it that you were staring at" I said

"I don't know his name" She said

"Well can you point to him or explain what he looks like" I said

She was just about to answer but Jade came over

"Come on girls I want you to meet some people" Jade said

"Ok" We both said

We both get up and follow Jade but I whispered in Emma's Ear

"You are going to tell me later"

We continue to follow Jade and we end up in the kitchen

"Girls I would like you to meet 5 Seconds Of Summer" Jade said

"Hi" I said

"Hi I am Calum" A boy with blackish hair said

"Hi I am Ashton" A boy with brown hair with a bandana said

"Hi I am Michael" A boy with blonde with a blue on top of the blonde said

"Hi I am Luke" A boy with blonde hair but it was in a quiff he was really cute too

"Hi I am Kathy" I said

"Hi I am Emma" Emma said

Suddenly I feel my phone vibrate in my back pocket I grab it there was a text from Emma it said


I was starting at Ashton

Emma xx

I text her back


Oh really you like him awww that's cute talk to him

Kathy xx

she texted me back


maybe I do but I didn't say that and no I will get nervous

Emma xx


So you like him here I will help you 😏

Kathy xx


Noooo Kathy please don't I am begging you

Emma xx


Sorry I kinda am doing it now

Kathy xx

I got up and walked over to Ashton

"Ashton why don't you talk Emma she is a bit lonely" I said

"Ok Happy Birthday by the way" He said

After that he walked over to Emma i saw her give me a death glare but I just smiled and walked away I started to walk around until I bumped into someone I looked up I saw the really cute boy from that band he had the blue eye and his hair was blonde and up into a quiff ugh what is his name ugh I know it is Luke

"I am so sorry Luke" I said

"No I am sorry Kathy it was my fault I wasn't paying attention"He said

"It okay"i said

"Happy Birthday Kathy" He said

"Thank you. You wanna talk for a little bit I don't know anybody here so yah" I said

"Sure" He said

1 Hour Later

"Guys we are doing cake so can everybody come in the kitchen" Jesy yelled

Everybody gather around the table and sang Happy Birthday to me and Emma


Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy birthday dear Emma and Kathy Happy Birthday to you


They sang


"Who wants cake and ice cream?" Leigh-Anne asked

Everybody said me I helped Leigh I grabbed the plates I started to cut the cake along with Emma I put cake on the plate while Emma put the ice cream and she gave the people their cake after that we did after that we opened up presents I got over $100 gift cards to either  ITunes,Forever 21, Victoria Secret, Debs, Aeropostale, and other places, Lots of Clothes a couple pairs of shoes I got some cute heandbands one of them have daisy's that go all around the headband and some cute cases and some earrings and a lot of other things

Emma got over $100 gift cards the same ones as I did with some clothes and some headbands with some shoes along with cases and a lot of other things

A little while after that people started to leave sooner or later it was just me , Emma,Leigh,Perrie,Jesy,Jade,Niall,Harry,Zayn,Liam,Louis,Luke,Michael,Calum,Ashton,Danielle,and Eleanor. I checked my phone its already 6:08pm

"Do you guys wanna watch a movie" I asked

"Yah sure" Leigh said

"I will go get the popcorn someone pick  a movie" I said

"I will go with her" Luke said

"Ok" I said

We walk into the kitchen I grabbed the popcorn out of the counter

"How many bags" I said

"About 6 bags so be fine" He said

"Ok" I said

I opened up the bags and one by one put them into the microwave while we wait I told Luke to get the bowls

"So what are you doing tomorrow"  I asked him trying to start a conversation

"We have to go to the studio and do some recording what about you" He said/asked

"Nothing actually I might re-organize my room so it is easier to pack when we leave for the next state or country" I said

"Oh yah I forgot you guys are on tour" He said

"yah but I think we only got like 6 months left and we are done we only did 1 show because Simon said we could have the rest in London free because of me and Emma's birthday which was nice of him" I said

"Yah that was are you in Little mi- he was interrupted by the beeping of the microwave signaling that the 5th bag of popcorn was done I grabbed it out of the microwave and placed another bag in

"Continue" I said

"Are in Little Mix?" He asked

"Yah me and Emma are" I said

"Oh" He said

There was a awkward slience but the microwave beeped I grabbed the bag but it was to hot so I ended up dropping the bag of popcorn on the floor I looked up at Luke to see him laughing at me just great make a fool out of yourself in front of him I picked up the bag and opened it and poured the popcorn into the bowl I walk out with 3 bowls of popcorn while Luke grabs the other 3 we gave people the bowls

"What movie are we watching" I said

"If I Stay" Jesy  said

"I heard that movie was sad" I said

"Because it is" Perrie said

"Oh" I said


(After the movie)

After the movie the boys had to leave because it was getting late Luke asked me for my number I gave it to him as soon as he left he texted me

From:Luke😎(He put that name)

Goodnight Kathy I'll text you tomorrow

Luke xo

I read the last part again x means a kiss right or am I dumb because i am pretty sure i am right i texted him goodnight too me and the girls decided to watch another movie but half way through it there was a knock at the door Jade got up to get it



There was a knock at the door i got up to get it i opened the door to see someone i didn't want to see ever again it was............

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