♥Little Mix Adopted Me?♥

Their was this teenager girl named Emma and she has been sent to the orphanage because her mom had made a lot of bad choices and we all know that she wasn't getting the proper care she needed. Little mix wanted to adopted a teenaged girl who is funny,can take a joke,sing and so happens Emma can do all of them. Will she have to leave her BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD? Read to find out the the rest of the story to find out what happens next?


14. Chapter 14:Getting Ready



I woke up I grabbed my phone off the charger and checked the time it was 9:00 am why am I up this early anyways I unlocked my phone and went on Twitter and posted


Yay I am so excited today is me and Kathys 18th birthday but sad because I am the only one up. Can't wait to hang out with @DaniellePeazer @EleanorCalder. WAKE UP @Kathy_Pinnock_Nelson_Thirlwall_Edwards @LeighPinnock @JadeThirlwall @PerrieEdwards @JesyNelson I want to say Happy Birthday to the most amazing sister in the world I love you Kathy and I want to thank @LittleMix for taking me and Kathy in I couldn't ask for more better people in the whole I love you guys to

Emma xx

Tweet Posted

I got out of my bed and grabbed my towel and headed to my bathroom turned on the shower I closed the door and connected my phone to my speaker and put my music on shuffle and little mix move came on I took off my clothes and hopped into the shower I washed my hair with shampoo then conditioner I shaved and washed my body then my face I hopped out the shower grabbed my towel wrapped it around my body I walked out of the bathroom and over to my dresser and put on my bra and underwear then walked over to my closet I found my dark blue and white "38" shirt along with black ripped pants I put on my black and white vans I walked over to my vanity and grabbed my snake ring I walked back into the bathroom to put on my make-up I put my Pure BB cream I put on my black mascara and black eyeliner and my pink lip gloss and I grabbed my Vera Wang Be Jeweled perfume I put some on and plugged in my curling iron I grabbed my hairdryer and started to blow dry my purple and blue hair about a minute or 2 my curling iron started beeping I unplugged my hair dryer grabbed my curling iron I start to curl my hair at the bottom after I am done with curling my hair I unplug the curling iron clean up my make-up grab my phone off the speaker and head out to my room to grab my sunglasses walked downstairs into the living room to see Perrie,Jesy,Leigh-Anne,and Jade watching PLL I walked into the kitchen to see Kathy sitting at the table on her phone she had on her grey and white "DON'T" crop-top with black jeans and her grey and white Keds with her Butterfly Dance Bracelet that she got when we went shopping


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA" She yelled back

she got up and hugged me

"Happy birthday girls" The girls said from behind us

"Thank you guys" Me and Kathy said

"Your welcome girls and El and Dani will be here in 30 minutes to pick you girls up" Leighanne said

"Ok but what time will we be back" I asked

"I don't know it is 10:32am right now so probably in about 2 hours or so" Jesy said

30 Minutes Later

I hear a knock at the door it must be El and Dani me and Kathy never met El and Dani I am excited to meet them and to spend some time with them I want to spend time with the girls because without them me and Kathy wouldn't be here going shopping or anything we would be packing up are stuff to leave the ophan home  because we are officially a adult and we should be able to support our self I am just so excit- I get cut off by the knock on the door again I get up and open the door to see El and Dani

"Hi am Eleanor and this is Danielle but call us El and Dani" The one with the long brown hair said

"Hi Eleanor come in" I said opening the door wider so they can come in

They walked in and I closed the door when I hear Leigh-anne say

"Who's he-Oh hi El and Dani" Leigh-anne said coming into the kitchen

"Hi Leigh" They both said

"GIRLS EL AND DANI ARE HERE" Leigh yelled upstairs

"COMING" Jade yelled

"Hi El and Dani" Perrie said

"Hey girls" They both said

"Are you girls ready to go?" Danielle asked

"Yah bye girls" I said

I give the girls a hug and Kathy did the same we walked to the car and got in

"Where are we going first" Eleanor asks

"Let's go to the movies we could watch Expelled  " I said

"Ok is that alright with you Kathy" Danielle asked

"Yah I wanted to watch that movie since I saw the trailer I always wanted to watch it" Kathy said

"Ok it settled we are watching Expelled " Eleanor said

10 Minutes Later

We arrived at the movie theater got are tickets and food we took are seats as the movie started


They girls and Perrie called up the One Direction boys and the boys decided to bring along the 5 Seconds Of Summer boys which I pretty sure us girls don't mind because we need all the extra help we can get and Leigh told Emma that they will be back in 2 hours so we need to work fast. We all split up in 2's it was Me and Liam we went to go get more decorations Jade and Harry went to get more food because there will be a lot of people here Louis and Michael stayed home to start up the decorations that we got yesterday Perrie and Zayn went to get the cake that we ordered and the ice cream from the store and Leigh-anne and Luke started making the food and drinks that we got and Ashton and Calum went to go get some more presents since we didn't get that much so they better know what they getting. Right now me and Liam are at the store getting more decorations I am deciding if I should get bubbles if might seem childish but I still get them anyways I love bubbles ok so I got bubbles, confetti, paper plates, plastic cups, table clothes, and some more things after we got everything we payed for it and put the stuff in the car I started the car and drove back to the house me and Liam had a small talks here and there but not a lot we finally arrived at the house me and Liam get out the car. I opened up the back door to the car grabbed some bags and handed them to Liam and I grabbed the remaining of the bags and headed up the stairs opened the door and set the bags where the rest of the bags were on the table in the kitchen. I looked up to see something I didn't expect the house was decorated really nicely and they got some table and put some of the table clothes that we got and the food was already there was chips in a bowl and the drinks were already out and there was ballons everywhere along with some of the streamers but it wasn't finished yet


"COMING" Someone yelled

A few seconds later I see Jade,Harry,Leigh-Anne,Luke,Michael,Calum,Ashton,Perrie,Zayn,Niall,and Louis rushing into the kitchen

"Come on we have to get done Eleanor texted me saying that they are almost done with the movie that they are watching" Leigh said

"Ok all we need it to put more streamers up and put the table coths I got on the table and blow up more ballons put out the cake along with the paper plates plastic cups and I got bubbles too I just had to though" I said

"Ok let's get it done" Perrie said

After about 10 minutes people started to arrive everybody is here we have Ed Sheeren,Selena Gomez,Sabrina Carpenter,Christina Perri,Christina Aguilera, Maroon 5, Echosmith, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lavoto, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Fergie, Taylor Swift, Jessie J, Jordan Sparks, Fifth Harmony, Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea, and Cher Lloyd


We just finished the movie Expelled it was a pretty good movie right now we are driving back to the house I decided to text Leigh to tell her that we are on our way to the house


We are on our way to the house. Are you ready?

 Eleanor xx

I got a text back seconds later


Ok and we are ready let me know when you are here in the drive way because we need to hide

Leigh xx

We are in the drive way so I texted Leigh


We are here

Eleanor xx

I got a text back



Leigh xx

We got out the car and walked up to the door

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