♥Little Mix Adopted Me?♥

Their was this teenager girl named Emma and she has been sent to the orphanage because her mom had made a lot of bad choices and we all know that she wasn't getting the proper care she needed. Little mix wanted to adopted a teenaged girl who is funny,can take a joke,sing and so happens Emma can do all of them. Will she have to leave her BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD? Read to find out the the rest of the story to find out what happens next?


13. Chapter 13:Fun Night


By the time we got back from the mall it was about 6:30pm so when we got home I jumped in the shower and put on pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt because the girls wanted to do my hair and make-up I went downstairs to tell them to come to do my hair and make-up the come out of the living room and into my room and Perrie starts on my hair while Leighanne starts on my make-up while the rest went to put everything in my purse I needed

"Are you nervous" Leighanne asked

"Yah" I said

"Well don't be just act normal" Perrie said

"I will" I said

"Where do you think he'll take you" Leighanne said

"I have no idea but he said it is going to be fun" I said

"Well when you get back you're telling us everything right" Jesy said

"Yah I promise" I said

The girls finish my hair and make-up and i put on the dress i brought along with the jewlery and my black high heel after i was done i checked the time on my phone and it was 7:55pm there was a knock on the door Kathy and Emma went to answer it

"We need to plan the birthday party for them their birthday is tomorrow" I said

"Yah well I'll call and ask Danielle and Eleanor tonight when your out if they could take them out tomorrow while we set up the party"Leigh said

"Ok" I said

The girls came back to my room and told me Harry was here to pick me girls they sit the girls they sit on the couch

"Goodbye Leigh don't forgot see you guys in a little bit" I said walking out

"You look beautiful" He said

"Thank you. You don't look bad yourself" I said

We got in the car and he started to drive and it was slient

"Where are we going" I asked

"It's a surprise" He said

"Ughh I hate surprises" I said and he smile


"I'll be right back"I said

I got up off the couch and walked to the door and out into the hallway and walked down from the door so the girls couldn't hear me I take out from my pocket and dialled Eleanor's number it ringed a few times before she answered

(E=Eleanor, L=Leigh-anne)


L-Hi El I called to ask you a flavor

E-Go ahead

L-We wanna know if you and Danielle will take Emma and Kathy out shopping or a movie we just need them out of the house

E-Yah I will do it but why do you need them out

L-It's their birthday tomorrow and we wanna throw them a surprise party


L-Yah I will text you later I gotta go call Dani

E-Ok bye Leigh

L-Bye El

I hung up the phone and dialled Danelle's number after a few rings she finally answered

(D=Danielle, L=Leigh-anne)


L-Hi Dani Can I ask you a flavor

D-Yah go ahead

L-We wanna know if you you and Eleanor would take out Emma and Kathy to do you know shopping or a movie something to get them out the house so we can do their surprise party tomorrow

D-Yah sure

L-K thank you Dani i'll text you later

D-Your welcome bye Leigh

L-Bye Dani

I hung up the phone and walked back to the room and closed the door

"They said Yes" I said

Lucky the girls were in the kitchen

"Ok I'll text them what time" I said


Me and Harry just finished eating at this fancy restaurant we are in the car driving somewhere

"Where are we going" I asked

"It's a surprise" He said

"Ugghh I hate surprises" I said

"Well your going to love this one"He said

1 Hour later

We have stopped Harry got out of the car and opened my door for me I got out the car and we walked but then he stopped

"Close your eyes" He said

"Do I have to" I asked

"Yes please" He said

"Fine" I said

I closed my eyes and put one of my hands on my eyes

"There are you happy now" I said

"Very" He said

He grabbed my hand that was free and intwinded are hands together and we continued to walk about 5 minutes later

"You can open your eyes now" He said

I put my hand down and I saw that we were at the beach

"Harry it's beautiful" I said

"Just like you" He said

"Your so cheesy" I said

"You love it" He said

"Yah Yah Yah keep telling yourself that but i have one question" I said

"Hmm"He said

"Why are we here?Not to be rude or anything" I asked

"Because I wanted to watch the sunset" He said

"Ok" I said

We sat down on the sand and watched the sunset.

30 Minutes Later

The sun had just set I grabbed my phone and checked the time it was close to 10:00pm

"We should get going it is pretty late" He said

" Yah" I said

He helped me up and continued to hold my hand when we got to the car he opened the door for me

"Thank you" I said

"Your welcome" He said closing the door

He walked around the car and got in and the car and drove off

1 hour later (SORRY)

"Thank you I had a great time" I said

"I did too" He said

He got out the car and opened the door for me

"Thank you again" I said

"Your welcome again" He said

He walked me up to the door

"Goodnight Jade Text you tomorrow" He said

"Thank you for the wonderful time and goodnight text you tomorrow too" I said

He started heading back to his car I went to open the door to the house when I heard

"JADE WAIT" Someone said

(Instead of them living in the hotel they live in a house sorry for the mistake)

I turned around to see Harry coming back up the stairs when he reaches me he surprised me he kissed me his lips are so soft this kiss wasnt like other kisses it was passionate I pulled away to catch my breath

"Goodnight Harry" I said smiling

"Goodnight Jade" He said smiling to

With that he walked back to his car and I opened the door and walked in

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