♥Little Mix Adopted Me?♥

Their was this teenager girl named Emma and she has been sent to the orphanage because her mom had made a lot of bad choices and we all know that she wasn't getting the proper care she needed. Little mix wanted to adopted a teenaged girl who is funny,can take a joke,sing and so happens Emma can do all of them. Will she have to leave her BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD? Read to find out the the rest of the story to find out what happens next?


12. Chapter 12:Twitter/Dress Shopping



"I need more apps on my phone what should I download" I asked


"You should download Twitter,Instagram,Tumblr,Ask fm,Facebook,Snapchat,ooVoo,and Skype but download Twitter first you both should download them"Leighanne said


"Ok now what" I asked


"Make an account" Leigh said






First name:Emma


Last name:Nelson,Pinnock,Thirlwall,Edwards


DOB:September 20,1997






Kathy's Info


First name: Kathy


Last name:Thirlwall,Edwards,Nelson,Pinnock


DOB:September 20,1997






A message popped up on the screen it said


You have successfully created you account here people you can follow




(Don't know if these are real)





















I followeed everybody


"What is your username kathy" I asked


"Mine is @KathyThirlwall_Edwards_Nelson_Pinnock_1997" She said


"Mine is @Emma_Nelson_Pinnock_Thirlwall_Edwards_1997"I said


"Ok I followed everybody and do you wanna take a picture and post it" I said


"Yah Let's take it"Leigh said


We take a selfie and I post it on Twitter


Having fun with @PerrieEdwards @Kathy_Nelson_Edwards_Thirlwall_Pinnock_1997 @LeighPinnock @JadeThirlwall @JesyNelson


Tweet posted


Everybody's phone rang and retweeted in the matter of minutes I had about 1k already following me


"I'm bored what do you guys wanna do" I said


"Twitcam" Jesy said


"Let's do it" I said


I got up ran into my room grabbed my mac and went down hallway I tweeted


Doing a twitcam


Tweet posted


I logged onto Twitter and started a twitcam


"Hey Mixers you guys can send in your question" I said


"Om we going to start with


(I think these are fake names)




How are you going to spend your friday night?


Well Jade's going out tonight but I think we were just going to hang out with the boys




Does anybody like any boys in One Direction


"Ummmmm Leigh do you" I said


"No" Leigh said


"Jesy" I said


"Well I kinda like Niall but it is nothing"Jesy said


"Perrie" I said


"I like Zayn" She said with confidence


"Kathy" I said


"Ummm Louis" She said


"Jade" I said


"Well tonight I am going out with Harry so Harry" She said


"Well your asking us now it's your turn Emma" Leigh asked


"Well I might have a crush on Liam" I said


"Ok next question" I said




How is the tour?Where is your next stop after london?


"Well our next stop is to Essex and the tour is going great" Kathy said


We spent the next hour answering question it was already 6:00pm


"Jade what are you going to wear tonight" I asked


"GIRLS" Jade yelled


"YAH" They yelled back




The girls ran out of Leighanne's bedroom so fast


"Let's go" Perrie said grabbing the keys and slipping on her boot


We all got into the car and went to the mall




First we go to Debs


"Ooh I like this one"Jade said


"Let's find some heel to match and necklaces and rings and bracelets and earrings" Perrie said


"Pezz calm down and I like these ones and this jewlery to match it" Jade said


"Let's cash out" I said


We walk to the counter she rang Jade's stuff up


"Total is $150.00" The lady said


Jade slides her credit card and we leave.

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