A day in the life

Katelynns not the normal girl and when she meets cameron dallas ,she is beyond thrilled ,but will he treat her like she is invisible like everyone else ?


1. finding cam

Katlynn strolled out of the stuffy hotel she had been staying at . She needed a break from her family , and wanted to explore the giant city before her . The streetlights cast a mysterious glow on the sidewalks , along with the sounds of cars honking , music thumping , and young life just like herself . She took a deep breathe of the crisp night air . "These are the moments we live for ." She mouthed to herself , seeking her new found freedom . She rounded a corner and walked past a big hotel . There were a group of teenage girls like herself surrounding a teenage boy . Katelynn walked into the parking lot seeing what the fuss was about . " will you please follow me on twitter ?!! " one girl begged . " we'll make a hashtag so you can follow all of us here ." Another chimed in . Cameron just stood trying to answer all the questions being blasted at him . Katelynn sighed and walked away from the crowd . " hey !" A voice called after her . She whirled around . She hadn't thought anyone had seen her . "Wait up ! " Cameron jogged to her as the group of girls disappeared into the hotel . "I didn't get your name ?" He said walking in pace with her . " probably because I didn't give it ." She smiled walking backwards . "It's katelynn." " well Katie it's nice to meet you I'm cameron . " he said extending a hand . " I know you are ." Katelynn responded . " well do you want to get a picture ?" He tried pleasing her . " no . I don't understand why girls are always asking u to follow them and ask for pictures . I mean I guess to remember it by but .... I'd prefer to just cherish the moment well I have it you know not worry about proof or bragging rights . " katelynn was more so talking to herself then cameron . She stopped walking and leaned against a building . He did the same looking into the street .

Hey you wanna go get coffee or something ...? " she blurted . " umm ... I would but ... " he replied . " I mean I wouldn't want you to feel embarrassed going out with your cousin ." Katelynn cut him off grinning . Cam grinned back biting his lip. " I can't let my cousin go alone so ...." He shrugged his shoulders . Katelynn grabbed as they continued down the sidewalk .

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