Questions and Answers

This maybe a temporary book.
All thanks to @lady tatertot for the awesome cover!


6. @Sam H-B


Question: Do you like fish?


Answer: Eh, not so much. But I do love tuna :)


Question 2: Have you ever seen warehouse 13?


Answer: Nope.


Question 3: Do you think I'm nuts?


Answer: Well I don't really know much about you but I don't think you're nuts. You seem very cool and funny, lol.


Question 4: What genre of music do you like?


Answer: Pop, R&B, Rock/Punk, Classic Blues, Romantic, Tv Themes, Latin Rap, Hip-Hop, Rap, Gospel, Pop Latino, Reggae, Dance Pop and Teen Pop. As you can tell I love pop. And music.


Question 5: Who is your idol?


Answer: God. That's like so simple. If you're referring to a celeb or something as an idol then no. Its only god from heaven himself :)

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