Questions and Answers

This maybe a temporary book.
All thanks to @lady tatertot for the awesome cover!


5. @Caza


Question: How long have you been writing?


Answer: Not too long exactly. I'm not much of a writer. I prefer like reading and stuff.


Question 2: Who is your favorite author in rl?


Answer: John Green, Rachel Renee Russel and Veronica Roth :)


Question 3: What is your favorite genre book?


Answer: Romance, Sci-fi and Mystery


Question 4: Who or what inspired you to start writing?


Answer: Life. A snatch of overheard conversation, a sentence in a book, a piece of music, coming across an interesting or unusual fact. Anything can be inspiration.


Question 5: What is your favorite color?


Answer: Blue, Purple and Green.


Question 6: Do you have a spirit animal? If so what is it?


Answer: Yes I do. I think it'd be a butterfly because of its powerful transformation, metamorphosis, playfulness and the world of soul.


Question 7: What is your favorite flavor of ice-cream?



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