Kryptic is my secret program I finished developing at the age of 44. The definition of cryptic is to have a meaning that is obscure or mysterious, and that is exactly what Kryptic should be. A mystery to everyone except me.
I am 50 now. At age 36 I learned of a process I could use to create matter from absolutely nothing, and to scan and store matter from reality into computer data.
This process was eventually turned into a program.
Given time, you will realize the importance of Kryptic. How it became revolutionary. How it saved the human race.
And how it created new races.


1. Lost

Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Physical Details: Face-Recognition failed

Location: Triangulation failure


Time: Connection Lost

The first thing I remember was the screaming. At first, all I hear is the screaming. . It's just a high pitched, scream. I felt weightless as I float through the vast nothingness.

You know, maybe it's more like a hissing than a screaming. Hundreds of thousands of hissing creatures, hissing in unison. So, so very loud...

I can't move. I have no feeling anywhere in my body. Maybe I don't even have a body. I can't see.


I felt like one already deprived of food and water, slowly but surely fading. Fading into the blackness that surrounded me.

Genuinely, I was lost. Lost in nothingness, I imagine it is easy to get lost when you have no idea where you were in the first place, and you are floating in... Black. Then something finally came to light, and maybe I only saw it because when everything else is black other colors stands out, but either way, I was even more confused.

At first it was far away, just a small baby blue light in the distance. A speck, maybe even a little smaller. I had no idea how far it was, but I wanted to get closer. It was the first thing I've seen since I... woke up...

Wait, what is my name?

Where is my family?

Do I have a family? Or even a name?


I know I have one, a past, I mean. I feel like there is a barrier separating me from everything I would recognize, my memories. The barrier is strong enough to keep me separated, but I feel like I can still see through the barrier to some of my memories. What I actually can remember is nothing more than brief flashes, but with each flash I feel like I'm getting closer to breaking the barrier keeping me from my past.

It's infuriating, to be frank.

Wait.. what's that sound?

I stop thinking to listen to... nothing. Sweet nothing, there is no more hissing. I'm so happy I feel like laughing, but I'd probably end choking on my dry throat.

Now I have some feeling at the tips of my fingers. (Why do I remember what "fingers," "hissing," and "family," are, but not my past?) Only the tips of my fingers I have feeling, though. Nowhere else, yet. But I can wiggle them, at least I think I'm wiggling them. I learned that the brain can imagine your fingers being there when they are not... I'm going to stop thinking about that.

My eyes never really left the blue light in the distance. I think I'm moving towards it... or maybe it's moving towards me. I really can't tell, I don't feel like I'm moving, but I really don't feel anything at all.

It doesn't matter how we are getting closer, but we are, and I feel like that's something I should be fearful of. Perhaps I'm a conservative person. I wish I could FREAKING REMEMBER

In seconds, the light goes from a light the size of a pinhead to the size of a silver coin. We are getting way too close way too fast. It continues to get closer, at a very rapid rate. Then it hits me, literally.

It's not an object like a meteor, or an object at all. It Is light. A blue-green light seems to literally travel at the speed of light. Or I am, I'm still not sure.

The light hits me, and it is way too bright at first, but that's because I've been in the dark for so long. Once opened, I realize I brought up my right arm to shield my eyes. I don't have any feeling in it, but I can move it. Great, I have my right arm. Now just to check my other limbs.

I get a good look around me. It's just pictures, images... Memories, maybe? Why are memories the first thing that comes to my mind? I can't tell, they aren't my memories, if that's what these images are. Nothing reminds me of anything. Millions of...Images? (Used for the lack of a better word)

Most of the images go by so fast I have no chance of actually seeing them, but some are slow enough I can see them. I see some kind of beach, and jungle warfare. Is that what it is? It's the first thing that comes to my mind, but it is for sure some kind of battle. Warfare stayed the longest, and the one I watched the longest.

The image moves as I stare at it, like a.. Movie? Is that the word? A collection of pictures displayed in such a way it looks like things are in motion? Anyway, I see someone running forward to a cloud of smoke, then taking cover in a trench. The person, who is obviously in first person to the image, looks to his side, where a soldier is getting attacked by... what? wind? I can't even tell, the soldier is gone before I can see how or why.

The image takes off with the rest of them, into the blue light that now surrounds me. The rest are too fast to focus on. What is this? All of these images?

The images speed up drastically as seconds go on. Even after ten seconds, I can't tell that they are images anymore. Everything is moving so fast now that it's just a color, once again I am surrounded by a blue. It keeps getting darker, until it is almost a navy blue, meanwhile I'm spinning, like someone put me in a hamster ball and pushed me down a hill. I'm rolling, smashing, bouncing all over the place.

Then I receive feeling of... it's just a feeling, I guess, but it's the most I've felt since I brought my hand up to block the blue light. I have arms, legs, I can move them and I know they are there, even though I don't see them.

The blue around me somehow bends into a vertical spiral, and I feel once again like I'm falling. At least now I can tell I'm falling in a direction: down.

Then I hit something. I don't know what, but it's hard. I feel like I'm hugging the ceiling. The blue mist begins to disperse, slowly at first, revealing a dark color behind it.

I hear noises, panicked voices. The blue seems to explode once it reaches a certain density; It expands away from me into everything outside- everything outside.

Outside being... What is this? I am laying face up at the center of a circle, the "walls", if I will call them that, are mere rocks sticking out of the ground. Fifteen feet tall easily, in more of a spherical shape than anything. There are about ten of these rocks that surrounding me, In what I believe to be a circle. What is this, a ritual?

Suddenly, surrounding me appears five robed figures, leaning heavily on their staffs. Wizards? Is that it? How do I know even what wizards are?

The Wizards are breathing heavily, obviously exhausted. Their staffs are emitting an energy, a different color for each wizard. They are all watching me, like a new pet.

I push myself to my feet, . It's almost a struggle.. That's embarrassing. I finally am on my feet.

Ugh.. Too.. Hard.. My legs are like boards as I fall back to the ground. I don't even care enough to bring up my arms to soften my fall. Suddenly, there is a lot of commotion all around me. A lot of running and yelling. My vision begins to blur.

"Take the Ominous to the stronghold." Someone says. "They already know..." I black out.

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