Unreturned Love

My name is Lilian , and my best friend who I fell in love with is Lance , I always loved Lance but something I cant do is say I love him ....People ask why ? Lance is in love with someone else plus Lance is gay.


2. Thunder

Lillian you look beautiful in that dress"

"Lillian promise we'll get married when we grow up okay ? "

"Lillian "

The world was dark but as I hear the sound of a familiar voice calling my name warm spots of sunshine appeared.

"Lillian are you hurt ? "


Lance's voice was sweet like candy, my mind was replaying moments we had almost as if it wasn't a dream and it was reality.


I felt something heavy over my body ,  almost as if someone were sitting on me.

Sometimes I wonder if it was better if I were to disappear and leave Lance alone. I mean he was happy wasn't he ?

Lance wouldn't care so much about me.

Lance is...

Lance is....


I opened my eyes, the window in my room was opened as I heard thunder,  while rain poured and poured.

I went and closed the window, as I turned I heard a faint snore.

"Lance is sleeping well" I returned to bed and as I returned to sleep once more I felt something hold my waist tightly.

"What the ? "

As I turn my head I see Lance sleeping calmly on me.

"Lance are you okay ? "

"Hey Lanc-"

I remembered now ,  he was like this back than too.

It was a rainy day and there was thunderstorms every now and then, I remember leaving my window open because I enjoyed the sound of the rain but unlike Lance he hated the rain and thunderstorms the most.

He had a huge fear against thunderstorms.  I guess it mainly because after his passing of his father on a stormy night he thought storms killed him and he depises them as well frighten by them.

On that day I left my window open,  Lance mother wasn't home I was sleeping calmly, but I heard creaking sounds in my room at first I thought it was a mouse but mouses squeak not creak.

My dad already checked in my room for monsters so then what was it?  Have you ever had that moment where you're scared so you hid inside your covers as a way to protect yourself somehow?  Well I did that.

But at the same what if it went and hurt my father or grandmother while they slept ?

I put my fear aside and threw my sheets and next to me was a very pale boy with long lashes.

His hair was silky wet from the rain that poured on him when he ran towards my home. He reminded me of an Angel, but his hands were rather cold then warm.

"Lillian, I'm scared "

Lance's eyes were shut as he said that.

"Its okay your safe now! " I shouted ,  I didn't know how to comfort someone during that time.

Everytime it rained and thundered Lance somehow found a way into my room without the window being open.

Lance is weird.

But Lance...

Is my first love.

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