Unreturned Love

My name is Lilian , and my best friend who I fell in love with is Lance , I always loved Lance but something I cant do is say I love him ....People ask why ? Lance is in love with someone else plus Lance is gay.


1. My Visitor

Its 11:35 pm, It was about to be a Tuesday rainy day , I knew it was going to rain because outside of my window I saw gray clouds getting closer together.There was a gentle breeze that blew on the trees outside.

Sweat rolls down on my forehead, I reminded myself If I don't   finish  in time with this letter and forward it  to the Stylist it would affect my career.

I assist a fashion designer, Its not what I had in mind but I needed the money at that time.

I  sighed and looked over the letter to see if everything is alright if there was no misspelled words or sentences.

"Everything is fine that's a relief."

My stomach made a whale sound , I have forgotten to eat dinner today but I wasn't in the mood to eat.

I wiped the sweat off my forehead and finally after rereading it twice in a row I sent it just in time.

I looked at the alarm clock it was 12pm

"I should go to sleep I have to go to work tomorrow at 11am" I turned off my laptop and put it on top of my desk.


My stomach made a sound I should eat something or else I won't be able to sleep tonight with this empty stomach of mine

I got off my bed and went towards the kitchen , I searched my fridge and all I could think of is to eat cereal or pudding I wasn't going to cook myself dinner at this time.

Ding Dong!

"Who would be at my house at this time ?" I closed the fridge and walked over to my door.

I peeped through the hole and then opened it to see my best friend Lance.

"He-ya sport just dropping by and giving you this" Lance smiled.

He passed me a black bag.

"What is it?"I asked confused

"Food of course" he walked into my apartment and sat down on my couch.

I shut the door "Its 12pm Lance why are you here?" I said a bit confused as I sat down right next to him.

"Nick's brother is in town, and you know he dislikes me so I told him that staying at your place for the time being."He smiled.

"You didn't ask me if i was ok with it"

"Are you okay with it Lilian ?" He asked sarcastically

"Fine, your going to have to sleep on the couch then"I said

He shrugged "Doesn't bother me a bit hey are my clothes still here ? "

I nodded as he got off the couch and went towards to the bathroom.

Lance used to live here with me before he met his lover Nick we both shared an apartment together, he always cleaned and cooked for me since I'm  incapable of caring for myself .

Lance and I are childhood friends we lived right next to each other he always protected me and always played with me even if was the most feminine games a boy will never play but Lance did because he was my best friend.

As years gone by I started to love Lance, it was a dream of ours that one day we will get married, have kids and have a future filled with love and passion.

But that was just a dream and it will never came true .

Throughout high schools he had several girlfriends he was popular. I stood by him even if he didn't pay attention to me most of times because he had his girlfriends but after I graduated  high school I thought I could ask him out. But a bunch of females asked him out first and I knew I lost my chance.

Lance was my first true love. I told myself if Lance was happy I couldn't be more happier because even  someone you always loved loves another person and you  get hurt you could never leave there side.

I opened the black bag and there was a blue container filled with food.

"Yellow rice my favorite"I went to the kitchen and got a spoon and started eating.

"Well look what we have here Miss Simmons eating my food as if it were the last thing to eat on earth" Lance said  laughing a bit,walking towards me wearing no shirt , and just pj's pants .

His body was like a model, his green hazel eyes made a women have fantasies of a prince finding his one true love. Everything about Lance attracted me everything about him I loved.

I blushed a bit as he got closer to me.

"Do you have a fever why are you turning red?"

"No...No i don't I'm fine don't worry" I laughed nervously

He sat on the kitchen chair next to me and grabbed the spoon in the container.

"Open your mouth red cheeks" He smiled gently as my heart started to beat really fast.

"Were not kids anymore" I said still blushing

"So?But to me you always remind me of when we were kids now open your mouth"

I opened my mouth as he fed me rice like a baby little by little, until time passed and we both headed to sleep.

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