My undiscovered life


2. Summer 2015

So this summer is pretty fucking awesome and crazy at the same time.

It all started that I got really sick and tired of being sooooo damn lonely. I was constantly thinking about having a boyfriend and how we'd do dirty stuff. but at the same time I'm like nah fuck it I need my space. whatever I downloaded that dating app I already used like 2 years ago. I was amazed by how many matches I already had after two hours. there was this guy I'll call him dave. dave was good looking, funny and sexy annnnd 18. which is a good age. so I got dave's number and we started to text all day, all night all everything seriously. until he asked me if I wanna come over to his house. I wasn't sure first but then I said yes. so at his house we wanted to make out and stuff but his parents showed up and we left. we sat at this fucking boring park and started to suck on our tounges like a baby that wants mommies titts. I was so horny, all I wanted was to have sex with him. but hey. mira is a virgin at that time AND mira has her period at that time. AWESOME. so I ended up giving him a handjob and damn his dick was huge. like hugeee. whatever the thing is I'm not talking to that guy anymore idk why lol. so a week after that, and trust me this is new for me that I get this much attention from guys cause the last time that I was in a situation like that, was 2 damn years ago. so this guy comes up in my life. he texts me blabla and wants to meet me on the next day. I was texting him for like 2 hours and he already wants to hang out lol. so I said yes cause he's cute and shit you know. the next day we met and holy shit he was so good looking. the way he dressed was just omg. and he smelled like a rainbow ok. so he's like where should we go and I said let's just find a place where you can park your car and we can stay there and he's like ok. so we found a place. started to make out like shiiiit that guy is the best kisser ever. he was so attractive I swear I was just smiling all the fucking time lol. suddenly he opens his pants and tada his dick was literally jumping out of his pants. and I'm not joking that dick was also huge af ok. so there is me. mira. giving her first blowjob ever to a guy she barely knows. but it's getting better. I lost my virginity that night to that guy. and I don't know how to feel about this. so I'm still seeing him, we met like 3 times since then. we had a lillll fun haha. and I'm about to stay at his house over night tomorrow. for the first time and I'm hella excited. yup weird isn't it. I'm gonna write about tomorrow when I get home probaly on sunday cause I'm going to a birthday party on saturdayyy.

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