Rules for Life

Rule 1 All about having fun. Rule 2 Be yourself, unless you can be a badass. Always choose badass! Rule 3 You can have sex BUT you CANNOT be tied down. To much baggage for drifter.
Will the rules stay in tact for Renee? or can someone change them?


6. Summer Sex

     Well that was fun, and good. "Thank-you for following the rules." I say "I usually don't say that but this goes no further than a hook-up." The guy, I still haven't learned his name, just shrugs and nods. "I wish more girls were like you." He says. "It would be a hell of a lot less drama." I nod and say "yeah." Then I leave.

     I got home with all of my stuff and went to my room, it was a lot later than I thought it was. I check my phone and I have tons of messages. Some from J, others from my parents.

             "He Nae, its Jasmine, thought I'd call and tell you my cousin's here. My parents want me to go out tonight so

              they can give him the talk and rules. Thought you might want to hang out. Call me back. Kay?"

    Hmm that was 2 hours or so ago. So do I really need to call her back? Nah I'll get her tomorrow.

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