Rules for Life

Rule 1 All about having fun. Rule 2 Be yourself, unless you can be a badass. Always choose badass! Rule 3 You can have sex BUT you CANNOT be tied down. To much baggage for drifter.
Will the rules stay in tact for Renee? or can someone change them?


2. Stick it to the Seniors!

     "Are you fucking insane! This is illegal as all get out!" whispers Jasmine. "How many times do I have to tell you. Rules are made to be broken. Now chill J." I whisper back. It will be the last day of school tomorrow and the seniors are leaving us. Oh how they'll be missed. Not really. The whole lot of them were dicks and bitches, so I thought I's give them a going away present. The scolding of a life time.

     J and I came to the high school and started tee-peeing and putting graffiti everywhere. I have put everything from names, to penises, oh and my favorite our principals face on our football seniors dicks. Yeah it should be a lovely good-bye tomorrow. "I can't believe you got me to do this Nae!" J says frantically. She's so sweet and innocent, we are the strangest duo ever but inseparable. "Admit you had fun! You always do." I say smirking. She just nods and gives a small smile. "Now, let;'s get you home J. It would be just terrible if your parents came to check on you and you weren't there." "Yeah they would know I was with you." she replies.

    Jasmine's parents hate me, like despise me. They have since the moment they met me. They know I'm not a good influence, and being from India they have extremley high expectations for her. Which is why it's been a joy seeing her turn into the girl she is today, a sneaky hiding teenager. Almost like my own child. I almost get teary eyed. "Night J, be ready for an awesome last day of school." I laugh. 

    Once I know that Jasmine had climbed in her window and was safely unnoticed. I went home and looked at the time. 2 a.m. Yep I'm doing good. Let the dreams of summer begin!

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