Rules for Life

Rule 1 All about having fun. Rule 2 Be yourself, unless you can be a badass. Always choose badass! Rule 3 You can have sex BUT you CANNOT be tied down. To much baggage for drifter.
Will the rules stay in tact for Renee? or can someone change them?


7. Raj's Apperance

    Well the morning is here. I just love it. I guess I should get a hold of Jasmine, she's probably freaking on me. "Hello?" Someone was still sleeping. "Hey J. It's Nae." I respond. "Nae? Where have you been? I've been worried since you never replied." Awe she's so cute when she's worried, haha. "Sorry. I was uhm, a little busy. But I'm fine." I take a break and let her chill before I ask..."So Raj is in town now. Right?" There's the silence. "Yeah. He's here. I'm pretty sure my parents want me to take him out to meet new people. Any chance you want to be the person he meets?" J says full of hope. Might as well see how screwed up this guy is. "Oh of course J. You know I'd do anything for you." I say full of smiles.

    "Raj, I want you to meet my best friend, Nae." Well this guy doesn't look like much of a badass. He's in a sweater for God's sake. "Yeah nice to meet ya. Anyways Jasmine, wheres my clothes?." Well he's kind of rude. That is a promise. J pulls out black tore up jeans and a white t-shirt. Yeah that looks better by far. "That's better. Now I'll see you losers later I'm going to have fun." That's the last I saw of Raj. I think I'm almost okay with it to.

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