Rules for Life

Rule 1 All about having fun. Rule 2 Be yourself, unless you can be a badass. Always choose badass! Rule 3 You can have sex BUT you CANNOT be tied down. To much baggage for drifter.
Will the rules stay in tact for Renee? or can someone change them?


3. Last Day Blues...NAH!

   BBBBEEEEEPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the love that is all good in the world, STOP! I hate alarm clocks so much, but I must go see my master piece unfold. Oh the joy. I got up and chose my outfit for the day and got the breakfast for champions: coffee. Now to head to Miller High, a high school that strives for excellence and goes for dreams! Haha they wish.

 -Good morning Nae

~What's up J?

-Getting ready, and dealing with the idea that my cousin is coming to town.

~Cousin? What cousin?

-My cousin from Cali. His parents are sending him here to stay with us. They want my parents to straighten him out.

~Oh, Wow. That's going to be interesting,

-Tell me about it. Coming to get me?

~Yeah be there soon, love ya chickie!

    "Tell me about this cousin of yours." I ask while driving towards school. "Well, he's a rebel, and his parents are tired of dealing with him. He's not being the model Indian son he should be." she says. "Nice, I like him already." I smile. "Eww. Anyways.He's being sent here so my parents can out him on the straight and narrow path." Talk about ironic. Jasmine isn't a model Indian daughter, she just pretends to be for her family. She meets me a few blocks down from her house and changes into the 'hot American girl' clothes as she used to put it. It's quiet amazing how much she's changed. "So how do you feel about the rebel coming?" I ask because this will be totally new to her. She tries to avoid all guys, she's to shy. Which is so sad because she is one of the hottest girls at school. She could definitely have some fun and get a lot of attention if she'd let herself. "I don't know. It'll be weird but I'm not to freaked." Hmm not the response I was expecting. "Well how long is he staying?" I ask "Till the end of the summer I think." She says as we pull up to the crowded quad of the school. Everyone seems to be enjoying mine and J's artwork. Good.

      My plan worked the seniors, specifically the football team had to deal with repercussions. I'm sure glad its tradition for the senior football players hang out and get wasted the night before the last day of school. Haha, and most of them said they did it because they don't even remember what they did last night. Oh the joy of idiots. Oh and here comes the bell my friends. I'm ready to smell the sweetness of freedom. Summer Break. Here it goes. 3...2...1!!! Hell Yeah BITCHES!!! We made it! Summer has begun! And its time to break some rules!  

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