Rules for Life

Rule 1 All about having fun. Rule 2 Be yourself, unless you can be a badass. Always choose badass! Rule 3 You can have sex BUT you CANNOT be tied down. To much baggage for drifter.
Will the rules stay in tact for Renee? or can someone change them?


1. Follow the RULES!

    Rules were made for breaking, that's a definite. The only ones that should be kept is the cool ones. The ones that actually help. That's why I made them. Your welcome motherfuckers! Anywhoo...these will help, so take them into consideration, trust me it's totally worth it. Rule 1: Have fun with life! Live it! Damn that's why you're here. Rule 2: Be yourself, unless you can be a badass. Then ALWAYS choose badass, it's the best thing ever. Rule 3: Have sex and enjoy your body. Just don't get attached and don't fall in love. Not worth the pain and aggravation. I mean god people are dumb asses why would you want to keep them around. I don't want anyone but myself.  

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