Endasia: The Official Guide

Endasia is a magical world filled with magical inhabitants. This is your official guide to all things Endasia; it's territories, it's creatures, and it's magic


3. Territories & Landmarks

As mentioned in Endasia’s history, this great land is split up into six territories, Belfast, ElfHaven, Borge, Nemerak, Aether, and Undine.


Territories in Endasia:


The Fog: Not quite a territory, but it surrounds all of endasia. It is common fact among all Endasians, that whoever enters the fog, never returns. This mystery has been researched by many, but nothing so far has come of it.

Belfast: This lush and green territory is filled with many riches and commodities. As much as this territory is known for its poor towns and villages, it is just as well known for its grand royal castle and nearby village of Javelm, filled with the richest and the brightest of Endasia.

ElfHaven: ElfHaven has the largest Elf population in all of Endasia and is known for it’s great, ancient kingdom and magical products. Beautiful magical forests take up most of this territory, filled with wonderful creatures and faeries.

Borge: The poorest of all the territories and known center of most mass illegal activity in Endasia. Home to an assortment of creatures. Under the control of Belfast and ElfHaven, the two most powerful forces in Endasia. That being said, Borge is neglected and crime thrives well.

Nemerak: Nemerak is the least populated of all Endasian territories, being mostly desert and dark forests. Fallen into despair after the great war, Nemerak became home only to the most vicious of criminals and birthplace of Endasian organized crime. No proper control is taken over this place, as no creature really attempts to travel into Nemerak. Thus, their Endasian Laygate Portal has been left neglected.

Aether: Once called Airist, Aether now houses thousands of Carriers. This Territory is known for its large farming industry and peace loving nation.

Undine: Due to the large quantities of magical underwater beings, Undine was created. Undine is a completely underwater kingdom consisting of the rivers, lakes, seas, and streams in Endasia.

Within all of Endasia’s territories are important landmarks and places known to most all Endasians.


Important Landmarks:


Natural Landmarks:


Sapphire forest: A dazzling, magical forest in ElfHaven, filled with glimmering gem like plants and hidden dangers.

Forest of Thieves: A huge, dark forest in Nemarake, home to the assassin's nest and other notorious criminals.

Silver Lake: A large gleaming lake adjacent to Silverhart castle. It is said that when the suns hit the lake just right, it looks like liquid silver.

Kraken Gorge: A Huge crevice on the outskirts of borge territory in the plains. Also borders the Wolfsbane Peninsula in Aether. Several Powerful kraken live in the rushing rivers on the bottom of the gorge, making it a dangerous place for traveling.

The Sirena Lakes: A large connected body of the crystal blue lakes and streams of Endasia; a common reference to the central undine kingdom.

Dragon mountain: A mysterious mountain within the northern mountain range, said to be the ancient home and breeding place of the last of the Dragons.

The Fields of the Twin Suns: A beautiful, large field connected to the wolfsbane peninsula. Werewolfs commonly stalk their prey in the tall grasses, so travelers beware.

The Wolfsbane Peninsula: A large peninsula surrounded by kraken gorge and aether.

The Waterless Expanse: A desert like plain that goes on for miles. Serves as a border between ElfHaven and Nemerak.  

The Lake of Ghosts: Bordering the Fog, this eerie lake is said to be where some creatures end up dead after entering the fog.

The Trail of Blood: A river in Nemerak, reaching from the forest of thieves to central Sirena lake. This serves as reminder of the bloody battle between Nemerak and Aether, when this river had once run red with blood.


Non-Natural Landmarks:


Witches’ Hovel: Large underground community of magik people specializing in art of potion making, charms and other magic spells. This community is known for it’s production of illegal magical tools, weapons, and potions.

Assassins Nest: Located in The Forest of Thieves, this literal underground training/safe house houses some of the most dangerous and notorious assassins in all of Endasia. It is said the entrance to the secret organization lies inside a great tree in The Forest of Thieves.

Castle of Andoria: Beautiful crystal like palace of the reigning queen, Lyca Andoria, of ElfHaven Territory.

Silverhart Castle: A large stone castle that towers over the rich village of Javelm, in Belfast territory. Home to the royal Silverhart family.

The Undine Acropolis: The great and highly decorated Underwater Castle of Undine, located in the center of the Largest Sirena lake. Was first established after the reunion of the territory, after the great Undine Civil War.

The Golden Mountains: Located in the northern mountain range, these majestic mountains are known turns a gold color when the suns rise. These mountains are known to be rich in gold, and many dwarves live there, mining.

The Dwarves Pass: Set within the northern mountain range, many dwarves use this very dangerous path to get to new mining areas. Very few travelers, except maybe thieves, use this deadly path, in the object of reaching Belfast.

The Abandoned City of Nemerak: A city in ruins after the great war and a deathly drought. No one is said to live there, except maybe thieves and assassins.

The Swinging Bridge: A dangerous bridge, which swings across the Trail of Blood, leading to the Forest of Thieves.


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