Endasia: The Official Guide

Endasia is a magical world filled with magical inhabitants. This is your official guide to all things Endasia; it's territories, it's creatures, and it's magic


2. Portals, Currency, & Language

Much like the human world, Endasia has it’s own currency. With all this great history, one can assume Endasia a huge land filled with millions of creatures. This is true indeed. Because some of the territories are so far apart, Endasian Wizards developed The Endasian Laygate portals.


Endasian Laygate Portals: Each territory has a massive central hexagonal structure, built near the one populated parts of each territory, at the time of their building. Each side of the hexagon is formed by an arch representing one of the six territories. Each side is beautifully and meticulously carved representing their own territory. Walking through one of these arches will take you to another Endasian Laygate portal, at the location of which you intend to travel. Each arch is surrounded by a moat of water for easy access to underwater beings.


As I stated before, Endasia is connected to the human world in more ways that you could ever imagine. In Fact, the mere fibers of each universe are intertwined with each other, forming a close-knit web of magic. Unfortunately for humans, this magic is much more accessible in Endasia. Any being with Endasia blood within them may travel from one world to another, via world portals. Passing through one of these portals will bring the traveler to the opposite world in the congruent time.

World Portals: Arch Laygates (Any Arch, natural or creature made in both worlds)


Much like the human world, Endasia has it’s own currency.



(In order of lowest to highest value)

Tin coin

Copper coin (10 Tin Coin)

Silver coin (50 Copper Coin)

Gold coin (100 Silver Coin)


Although Endasia has grown from many aspects of it’s cultural past, many ancient languages still stay intact through the generations.




The Common Tongue: Comparable to the human english language, ‘The Common Tongue’ is the most commonly spoken language in all of Endasia. Almost all natives speak it and humans can clearly understand it.

Elvish: Elvish is the native language of the Elves and faery folk. Most of the descendants of the orginal speakers make certain their tongue is taught to their children, and thus passed on through the ages. The second most commonly spoken language.

Belfish: Original language of belfast and commonly taught among the high ranking children of belfast. Has mostly been replaced by the common tongue.

Nahassin: An ancient and difficult tongue, lost to the winds of time. Very few creatures speak this difficult language.

Trollish: Original Language of the native mountain trolls.

Eopen: Ancient Endasian dead text language.


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