Endasia: The Official Guide

Endasia is a magical world filled with magical inhabitants. This is your official guide to all things Endasia; it's territories, it's creatures, and it's magic


4. Creatures

Within Endasia’s great land lives a multitude of creatures and beings, capable of extraordinary things. Many tales of these great creatures have made their way into the human world, making some of these beings a familiar sight.


Creatures of Endasia: Beings normally capable of Endasian speech.


Carriers: Humble, most human like creatures in Endasia. Normally peaceful, this people is normally found residing in their ancestral territory of Aether. These creatures have no natural magic, but commonly use magic articles and tools. Their common occupations involve farming, cooking, carpentry and other humble jobs. Not all carriers hold these quiet lifestyles. Many of these creatures hold powerful places in society of all territories, because of their peaceful nature. Many kings,queens, and rulers have come from these people due to their fairness, and strong sense of humility and equality.

Elves: Elves are graceful creatures of the forest. Possessing nature based magic, most have natural healing abilities, ultra stamina, and agility. They usually can contort living plants to their will as well. These creatures are visibly definable by their long pointed ears and tall stature. Commonly found living in ElfHaven, the elves live in coincidence with many types of faery folk, commonly “intermingling”. This bond has created one of the strongest and most ancient alliances in Endasia. The Elf people have one of the strongest and most skilled army in all of Endasia.

Faeries: These beautiful winged creatures can be most commonly be found in ElfHaven, their native home. Faeries are most definable by their wings, coming in a large variety. Translucent sleek pairs are for speed and stealth, while butterfly like sets are for high soaring, long distance fliers and endurance. This people is very peaceful, but have made a great contribution to the ElfhHaven army, due to their flight advantage. This widespread creature can be found living in every territory, from the mysterious depths of Nemerak to the high life of Belfast. These creatures also hold a strange and mysterious magic.

Pixies: A subspecies of Faery Folk, the pixies can very easily come across as faeries for their beautiful shimmering wings. What makes these creatures so unique is their two different forms, a faery like state, and a smaller state, maxing out in height at one foot. In their acclaimed “pixie state”, these tiny faeries hold incredible magic abilities, said to rival that of a witch.

Dwarfs: Small, burly men of few words. Their skin is extremely tough and all have great endurance. Most live in the various mountains of endasia, mining the mysterious ores of endasia for a living. They have been said to be as old as time, although it isn’t likely that you’ll ever see a female in the open.  

Trolls: A subspecies of the the dwarves, although a little more rough around the edges. Unlike the dwarves, these creatures usually stay to themselves, wandering Endasia and tricking other creatures into giving them money. More peaceful trolls usually settle down in towns, practicing a chosen trade.

Vampires: These quiet creatures can mostly be found in London, as that is where they get their biggest food supply. They are very shy and tend to stay within their own structured groups, lead by a queen. Though they are timid, never underestimate one, for they could snap your neck before you could realize what was happening. They serve their respective kingdoms by taking messages to other lands, as they are unusually fast. They have long retractable fangs which can be used as a deadly weapon. Once agitated, vampires can become extremely cruel and lose all sense of morality, becoming vicious, deadly, and unstoppable.

Achilles: Creatures known for the warriors that they produce. They are usually of noble birth or noble origin, but you will find some in the streets. These men and women are born with the power of fight,  trained at birth to protect their kingdom, and would gladly lay their life down for a comrade. Most have ancient bloodlines dating back to the beginning of Endasia.  Sometimes you’ll find a rare Achilles with magic mixed into their bloodline. They are usually selfless in the things that they do, and are very just. The Achilles have a form much like that of human, except with more power and muscle mass.

Werewolves: These wild creatures usually stalk the forests and fields, demanding pay from anyone who wants safe passage.  They are very large and burly, with strong muscles, and cutting edge eyesight, agility, speed, and strength.  They like to raid Aether villages and are one of the kingdom’s many problems. They show no mercy to their victims, but are very loyal to their pack.  At will, they can morph into a wolf, but they normally appear in their more human-like form, tall and muscular.  It is also possible for werewolves to transform one aspect of themselves wolflike. Most originate from the Wolfsbane Peninsula.

Witches, Warlocks, and Wizards: These Incredible creatures hold magic abilities like that of no other. Appearing human like, these commonly known “magic folk” are definable only by their power and many magical items.

Mermaids: These fishy creatures can be both deadly and sweet.  They can deceive any man with their sweet songs, and with one kiss can take the life out of the creature.  They are more kind towards women, and are more than often friends with them.  Dwarves like to catch them for sport, since they are immune to the song, and sell their scales for profit.  The ancient Mermaids are said to be the original mothers of the Kraken, the deadliest fish in the sea, along with many other sea beings and creatures. The male mermaid population is only half of that of the females.  

Kraken: These massive octopus-like monsters can easily snap any ship crossing its sea in half. Their only possible controllers are the mermaids, who often neglect their massive, dangerous relatives.

Nymphs: These sweet and caring creatures can always be counted on in a time of need.  They tend to the rivers and forests, trying to keep them beautiful. But be careful, if you do happen to anger a Nymph, she will become your worst nightmare, stalking you and using her magic on you.  

Halfbreeds: This category includes any abnormal mix of two creatures or an animal and a creature. ie. Mer-faery, Elfish-Faery, Minotaurs, etc.

Centaurs: A Centaur’s upper half has the appearance of a human with it’s lower body being that of a horse. Different variations of this species includes half unicorns, half pegasi, and the rarest, half alicorn. Centaurs are strong powerful creatures which tend to look down on others because of their strength. In addition to that, Half pegasus centaurs have flying capabilities and half unicorn centaurs have the most powerful healing magic in all of Endasia.

Selkie: Seal like creatures which have the ability to transform into beautiful women after they shed their skin. Thier powers are much like that of mermaids.

Werecat: Werecats have a sleek human like appearance, but with the ability to transform into a wild and dangerous big cat. These creatures are very cunning, stealthy, and dangerous. They fight with their claws and show loyalty to no one. Alike werewolves, their power is at it’s peak during the full moon, and can change select parts of their body animal like.

Lessers: Less than half of a creature. Not well known, and stick to the shadows and alleys. Tend to find work as maids, servants, and other lowly jobs.

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